UCard Committee Voting

Below are the final 67 candidates for the UCard Contest. We need your help to narrow this down to the top ten. Please take a few minutes to look through the designs and cast your vote on up to 20 of your favorites.

Please click on the thumbnails to see the entire image. You can then easily cycle through and vote on your favorites. We suggest going through them all once and then going through again and voting for your favorites. Please keep in mind that a few of them are cropped oddly, or may contain crop marks, or color indicators to the side. These are not actually part of the card designs, but were in the file submitted. Please disregard these minor errors as they will not be removed before the final contest.

Please keep in mind that we need to select a design that will serve the campus for the foreseeable future. Also, since the campus community will help to select the final card we should only present designs that we are comfortable with them choosing. Once we select the top 10 this will be out of our hands.