Alert the Media

Faculty and staff looking to publicize studies, papers, achievement or events can request help here.

Alert The Media

For publication of research, discoveries, etc:
Summarize in a few points (200 to 300 words) what you did or what you found and why it is important/significant/interesting. Please explain in lay language (no jargon). Do not simply copy an abstract or introduction. Write a brief summary as if you were explaining it to a bright high school student or a grandparent.

Also include any information about a journal’s embargo policy and when the paper might be accepted and published online (which is what journalists consider publication).

Please include the date, time, location, title of event, brief description of event, whether the public is invited, if there are any fees associated with the event and a copy of the full schedule or link to the event website.

Attachments (Include images, video or data visualizations that would help explain the work.)

File Upload
Maximum upload size: 1.54MB

It is important that you be reachable when we alert media to your work, so please let us know the dates of any travel plans you have that might coincide with when your paper will be published or your event take place.




If your findings, accomplishment or event have implications that may be relevant to the public, or have a “gee-whiz” aspect that will fascinate people, please send it to us.
If you aren’t sure, send it anyway and discuss it with us. Perhaps trade publications would be more interested than the general media. Perhaps you really want to reach an internal audience, and we can discuss that, too.


The science news media are especially sensitive to journal publication embargoes and often won’t cover studies after their online publication. Please request assistance for science publicity as far ahead of publication as possible, preferably when you submit a potentially newsworthy study and no later than acceptance.