University Symbols

Primary University Logo

The primary University logo has two elements: the Block U icon and the supporting wordmark “The University of Utah.” These two elements work in concert and cannot be resized, rearranged, or altered in any way.

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Safe Area

The safe area is equal to one-half the height of the Block U used in the logo for that application. A “safe area” should always exist around the logo to allow for maximum legibility. No elements such as typography, other logos, or graphics should intrude into the safe area. Placing the logo too near a cut or folded edge also violates the safe area. Photos and colors can appear beneath the logo so long as the logo remains easily visible and recognizable.

Minimum Size

To ensure legibility and recognition on printed materials, the primary University logo may not appear smaller than 0.625 inches wide or 100 pixels wide for web use.

Acceptable Color Variations

One Color
When possible, use of the two-color version of the University logo (as shown above) is recommended. Acceptable one-color variations of the logo (as shown at right) include: black, red, or white (see “University Color Palette” on page 20 for details).

It is acceptable to apply the reversed logo (white) to black and other background colors providing adequate contrast.
Note: The Block U must ALWAYS print in red, black, or white ink colors. Gray may be used as an accent color, but the U itself should not print in gray. The Block U cannot be printed as a screened value or as semitransparent.

Unacceptable Applications

To ensure consistency, do not alter the University’s logos or wordmarks in any way. Do not distort the logo. Do not change the color or the alignment of the type and Block U. Do not cover, fill, or add texture to the logo or Block U. The U logo should not print gray, as a screened value, or as semitransparent. The logo should not be used as a decorative boder or as a background element.

Alternative University Logos

logo-alternative-uWhenever possible, use the primary University logo to create designs. In situations where the primary logo will not fit, an alternative logo may be used.

The alternative University logos have two elements: the Block U icon and the supporting wordmark “The University of Utah.” These two elements work in concert and cannot be resized, rearranged, or altered in any way.

For design purposes, the Block U or the 3D Block U may be used alone; however, it must be accompanied by the primary (stacked) logo, one of the horizontal logos, or the wordmark. The wordmark should always appear in Trajan Regular typeface.

All logo variations require a safe area of one-half the height of the Block U used in that application of the logo and minimum height of the Block U in any logo is 0.1875 inches in print or 35 pixels on the Web.

Secondary University Logos


Secondary University logos are for use by colleges, divisions, departments, programs, units, and services. They have four elements: the Block U, the University wordmark, the department signature, and the red ruled line.

Secondary University logos are acceptable in two standard layouts—horizontal or centered
(as shown).

No new designs that differ from the accepted secondary logos should be created.

Acceptable logo designs are shown here, and are available at no charge from University Marketing & Communications.

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Alternative Secondary Logos

Colleges, divisions, departments, programs, units, and services may choose an Alternative Secondary logo. Variations include:

Signature Font Style: The department signature may appear in Myriad Bold in all caps or title case or in ITC Garamond Std Book Narrow Italic in title case.

Signature Color: The department signature may appear in gray or black.

Combined Logo: Your logo may include your department or college name on the second line (along with the University wordmark).


Nonconforming Identity Marks

Colleges, divisions, departments, programs, units, and services with nonconforming identity marks were strongly encouraged to transition to the University¹s acceptable secondary logos by December 31, 2007. No new designs that differ from the accepted secondary logos should have been created. University Marketing and Communications allowed an extended grace period for old logos to be phased out, but as of September 1, 2013, UMC will only produce communications that fully reflect U branding described in the University Branding Guide.

Other University Symbols


University Seal

The University seal is reserved for official use such as diplomas, certificates of graduation from formal certificate programs, University “white paper” reports, scholarly papers, etc. In addition, the seal may be used at the president’s discretion.

Specifically, the seal should not be used on letterhead of any sort, nor on related printed materials (brochures, business cards, envelopes, mailing packets, etc.).

The seal may also be used in situations calling for a permanent identifying mark for the University, such as architectural elements produced in stone, metal, glass, or other permanent materials.

University Medallion

The University medallion serves as an alternative to the University seal and may be used in print or on the Web. The medallion may be used as a design element. It may be cropped, tilted, screened, embossed, or foil stamped. The medallion may be printed in any color (except blue or purple). The medallion is an art element only and should not be used for official documents. The medallion should not be used in place of a standard University logo.

College Medallions

College medallions can serve as art elements in lieu of the official University seal or the University medallion. College medallions must be reproduced within the University’s primary color palette, i.e. University red, black, gray, and white.

Imagine U Campaign Logos


Primary Imagine U Logo

This logo may be used in place of a standard University of Utah logo on campaign-related materials. It is not to be paired with any other logo.

Stacked Imagine U Logo

This logo may be used in place of a standard University of Utah logo on campaign-related materials where the Standard Imagine U logo does not fit the available space.

Imagine U Themeline

While the Primary Imagine U Logo is strongly recommended, the themeline  graphics may be used but only in conjunction with a headline, not as a standalone logo. It is not intended to replace the University of Utah logo.




logo-athletics-markThe Circle and Feathers is reserved for use by the athletic programs of the University of Utah, and may be used as a logo—either alone or in combination with other identifying University marks, only by the Athletics Department. This design may not be used by any other academic or administrative units within the University, nor by individuals employed in any capacity by the University, without written permission from the licensing director who administers the program on behalf of Athletics. For clarification on the use of this logo, please contact Brett Eden at or 801-581-8298.


For those uses in which reference to the University’s athletic teams or programs is appropriate, the wordmark “Utes” should always include a trademark symbol. The wordmark is used by permission of the Ute Tribal Council and should always reflect the respect and courtesy accorded that trust. No representation of any Native American image or identity should be used in conjunction with any University promotional material.


The University’s athletics mascot, Swoop, cannot be used as a graphic element or as a logo. Exceptions are granted for reproductions on apparel and certain merchandise. For more information on the use of Swoop contact the Trademark & Licensing Program.

Conference Brand Marks

logo-pac-12In an effort to build brand consistency, the primary Pac-12 mark (shield with the wave and mountain) may be used on institutional elements other than uniforms, equipment, and apparel. The Pac-12 horizontal mark should only be used on elements approved by or originating from the Conference office.

Please read the Pac-12 Style Guide (PDF).

Related Symbols

The Health Sciences Center

University Health Care has been allowed to establish its own identity and standards.
For guidelines please contact

Student Organizations

Student groups cannot use University of Utah names or trademarks explicitly or implicitly without proper permission. The name, symbols, and logos of your group cannot include the use of registered University trademarks, including:

THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH; UTAH; RUNNIN’ UTES; UTES; official block letter “U”; UU; U of U; Lady Utes; ASUU; Swoop; Block U with medical caduceus; Circle and feather; The Muss; The School Seal; The School Medallion.

Note: If your group is a chapter of a larger organization, you may say that you are the group “at the U of U”. There are limited exceptions for groups that are sponsored by a University department in which groups are allowed to use University trademarks.

For more information regarding student organization policies visit the ASUU website


If you have questions or need a different format of these logos please contact University Marketing & Communications at 801-581-6773. Use of University logos and trademarks are restricted. For complete information regarding usage rights and licensing, or for more information about University trademarks, visit the Trademark & Licensing Program Website

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