Imagine U Guidelines

Key Supporting Messages

The University of Utah is a tier-one teaching and research institution.

  • How are you advancing knowledge and/or improving lives through discoveries and research?
  • How are you making an impact in the community or in the world?

The University of Utah offers an extraordinary collaborative learning experience.

  • How are you working with other departments, faculty, or students within your discipline or across disciplines in an innovative and creative way?
  • How are you promoting student-to-student experiential learning?

The University of Utah combines the energy of a world-class research institution and a cutting-edge health sciences center.

  • Does your college or program work with health sciences and, if so, in what ways?
  • How are you approaching and solving problems in health science?
  • Is the work and/or research you’re doing helping to improve one’s health, one’s life, our society, the world, and in what ways?

The University of Utah prepares graduates to enter a competitive workforce.

  • What are you doing to give students a competitive edge when they leave the U?
  • How can you show that your college or program is exceptional at helping students attain their goals?

The University of Utah offers a unique and inspiring environment to work and play.

  • How are you expanding beyond the classroom walls to make learning experiential and hands-on?
  • How are you using the U’s campus environment and the Salt Lake City community to make learning real, inspiring, and meaningful?

The Univerity of Utah is engaged with the community where we live and work.

  • What service projects are you involved in to benefit the local community?
  • How are you using your college or program to provide service where needed?

Target Mindset: “Creative Doer”

A creative doer strives to accomplish what he or she sets out to do. They are organizers, activists, and builders—practical, to be sure, but not afraid to dream and “raise the bar.” They make things happen and are not averse to taking risks, so long as what they seek has the promise of real application. Creative doers are optimistic about their futures and believe that, as long as they work hard and continue to push forward, they will attain their goals.

Step One: Imagine. Step Two: Do. 

Our objective is to send a clear signal: A signal that describes an amazing place where students, faculty, and staff work together to learn and create and do, regardless the discipline or how difficult the problem.

Communication Guidelines

  • Prioritize your communication using the key supporting messages.
  • Because the U wants to attract “creative doers,” frame your message in a way that asks them to “imagine” and then “do.”
  • Provide facts and stories that support how your program is really good at or best at helping creative doers become successful.
  • Very important: Speak as if you’re talking to one individual.
  • Be informative and passionate, remembering that “Imagine U” is both the individual you’re addressing and an institution that embraces problem-solving. We are here to do great things.

Creative Guidelines

  • Headline text is Trajan Pro set in white against Utah’s PMS 187 red. The placement of the “block U,” along with placement and size of font in the headline are dependent on the size and layout of the marketing materials.
  • The theme line comprises Utah’s “block U” with “Imagine” hovering above or to the left and set in Trajan Pro. The red banner background “bleeds” off the ad or brochure.
  • Body copy is Minion Pro, cap and lower case, set against Utah’s PMS 424 grey.
  • The white border at bottom enables the name “The University of Utah” to be prominently displayed, along with, if applicable, the name of the specific college or program.
  • Colleges and/or programs may utilize a their personal logo in addition to the Imagine U logo. Standard college/department/program logo guidelines should be followed.

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