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This is NOT for HEALTH SCIENCES logos.

University Health Care has been allowed to establish its own identity and standards.
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Main Campus Department Logo Order Form

Please enter your information. Double-check the spelling and format of the name of your college, department, or program to ensure accuracy.

Logos are for official campus use only, and the person requesting them must be an official representative of the college, department, or program. Logos will not be created for personal student projects.

In cases of duplicate requests for logos already created, UMC will send the closest already existing logo files to use.


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Your logo may include your department or college name on the second line (along with THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH).
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If you checked the box above, please provide the name of the college/parent organization you wish to appear on the second line.

Note: When the logo includes the college name on the second line (along with THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH), the college name on standard logos designed for print, will be slightly smaller than the University’s name. On Web header graphics the college name will NOT be smaller than the University name for legibility purposes.

6: File Format—Check all needed


Note: JPEG, PNG, and GIF files are meant for low resolution web/screen use. Logos in those formats will be created using RGB colors. TIF and EPS files are meant to be high resolution for print applications. TIF files will always be provided in CMYK and EPS files will be provided in spot PMS. Please note that RGB colors for web use will appear as a different shade of red than CMYK or PMS colors.