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Zhifan Dong Coverage

She loved reading, drawing and petting any dog she saw. This is who Zhifan Dong, slain University of Utah student, was.

Junfang Shen and Mingsheng Dong reflect on the life and death of their 19-year-old daughter.

University Of Utah Admits 'Shortcomings' In Death Of Student Who Was Allegedly Killed By Boyfriend After Restraining Order

Weeks before 19-year-old college student Zhifan Dong was found dead in an off-campus motel room, she had voiced fears about her boyfriend.

The University Of Utah Admitted "Shortcomings" In Its Response To Domestic Abuse Involving Two Students That Ended In One Being Killed

"We trusted the University of Utah with our daughter’s safety, and they betrayed that trust," her parents said. "They knew Zhifan was in serious danger but failed to protect her when she needed it the most."

The Daily Buzz: How the U. failed to see a student was in danger—again

Reporter Courtney Tanner discusses her story on new documents from the University of Utah that acknowledge that the school failed to protect a student in danger from a domestic violence situation.

The Lethal Consequences of Dropping the Ball on Dating Violence

An angry ex-boyfriend with an explosive temper. An undergraduate terrified of what he might do next. A university that missed the signs that her life was in imminent danger.

A student from China told the University of Utah her boyfriend was threatening her. She was found dead weeks later.

Zhifan Dong is the second University of Utah student in four years to be killed after reporting threats from a boyfriend to school officials.

'They failed her;' family, attorney speaks out following University of Utah student death

Zhifan Dong’s parents are calling out the University of Utah for its “failure” in keeping her safe.

University of Utah failed to recognize student Zhifan Dong was in danger before she was killed, documents show

Dong, 19, was killed after she told campus housing staff she was scared about what her angry ex-boyfriend might do next.

Documents reveal offers to help, missed opportunities before a U. student was killed in a Salt Lake hotel

University of Utah president promises ‘full transparency’ as detailed report of student Zhifan Dong’s final days is made public.

Read University of Utah president’s statement on mistakes in killed student’s case and released documents

The statement and disclosure of records comes five months after student Zhifan Dong was killed.

'They failed to protect her': Parents of student who was killed criticize University of Utah

The parents of a University of Utah student who was killed in February criticized the school Wednesday for what they called the university's failure "to protect her when she needed it the most."

UofU admits 'shortcomings' in response to domestic violence reports before student's death

The University of Utah has released a timeline of the action taken by students and officials leading up to the death of 19-year-old Zhifan Dong.

U of U president says response to student before death ‘revealed shortcomings’

A University of Utah report shared the events and response leading up to the killing of international student Zhifan Dong, who investigators say was lethally injected by her ex-boyfriend at a Salt Lake City hotel.

Director of Utah Domestic Violence Coalition reacts to U of U report on student death

The executive director of the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition is reacting to the University of Utah’s recent report about the death of student Zhifan Dong.

U of U addresses shortcomings in student’s death

The University of Utah staff has acknowledged its “shortcomings” after 19-year-old student Zhifan Dong was killed by her boyfriend 26-year-old Haoyu Wang in February.

University of Utah admits to 'shortcomings' prior to student's death

The University of Utah has released the findings from an internal review conducted after a student was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend earlier this year.

KSTU University of Utah admits to 'shortcomings' prior to student's death

The University of Utah has released the findings from an internal review conducted after 19-year-old student Zhifan Dong was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend earlier this year.

University of Utah president says review of February murder ‘revealed shortcomings’ in keeping student safe

University of Utah President Taylor Randall says an internal investigation into the university’s handling of an 19-year-old student’s murder in February “revealed shortcomings” in efforts to ensure her safety.

‘I felt so angry’: Roommate of Zhifan Dong Says Her Death Was Preventable

Zhifan Dong, a first-year international student at the University of Utah, was 19 when her boyfriend Haoyu Wang injected her with a fatal dose of heroin and fentanyl in a motel off campus on Feb. 11.

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