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News Clips | September 8-12, 2022

Campus police investigating threat at University of Utah

The University of Utah police department is currently investigating a possible threat on campus Thursday.

University of Utah study finds 5 El Niño events per century is a tipping point for coastal ecosystems

As the climate warms, scientists say it’s likely the Earth will see more El Niño/Southern Oscillation weather events, marked by warmer surface temperatures in the eastern Pacific and heavy precipitation.

Forests in the Amazon, Southern Boreal Regions, and U.S. West Most Threatened by Climate Change

As climate change increasingly threaten’s the world’s forests, scientists at the University of Utah have developed a new tool that identifies those woodlands that are most imperiled and whose loss would deal the greatest blow to the climate and biodiversity.

Where did Utah universities land in best college rankings?

Just like the latest college football polls, Utah schools are well represented in the latest rankings of the best universities and colleges in the U.S.

Traveling health research program makes stop in Utah to benefit 'All of Us'

The National Institute of Health's All of Us Journey mobile exhibit stopped at the University of Utah this week seeking DNA samples from Utahns of all backgrounds.

Two topless women at Utah football game cause stir, prompt investigation

Two women at the University of Utah football game were topless in the stands on Saturday, wearing little if anything above the waist but body paint.

Tourism is sucking Utah dry. Now it faces a choice - growth or survival?

Booming expansion to meet the demands of thousands of visitors every year is squeezing dwindling water supply

For Utah mobile home residents, rezoning and redevelopment are often unstoppable forces

Residents at Lesley’s Mobile Home Park in Riverdale were devastated when they received a formal notice to leave by May 31, 2023.

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