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News Clips | September 29, 2021

Aaron Lowe’s Death Has University of Utah Community Restarting The Healing Process

Community members gathered in a semicircle at the University’s Marriott Library’s Gould Auditorium Monday night to begin the healing process after the death of student athlete Aaron Lowe.

Looming liability: Doctors, nurses on the pandemic frontlines are likely legal targets

Frontline health care workers have been treating patients under extraordinary conditions: overcrowded ICUs, staffing shortages and intense burnout.

Health workers once saluted as heroes now get threats

Across the country, doctors and nurses are dealing with hostility, threats and violence from patients angry over safety rules designed to keep the scourge from spreading.

Gene Editing Breakthroughs Accelerate Heart, Stroke Research

Gene therapy research continues to deliver breakthroughs this week with the development of a CRISPR-edited droplet that could lead to a cure for heart disease and the possibility of turning glial brain cells into neurons to restore visual and motor functions.

Groundbreaking children’s genomics study underway at Intermountain Primary Children’s

The HerediGene: Children’s Study aims to collect 50,000 DNA samples of children (newborn to 18 years old) to help children access future treatments and possible cures for genetic disorders, based on their unique DNA.

How has the pandemic impacted mental health challenges on college campuses?

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened mental health challenges and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports young adults are among the demographics whose mental health has been impacted.

NASA Finds What I Did: Level 2 Driver Assist Systems Can Make You Drowsy, Inattentive

NASA’s Fatigue Countermeasures Lab studies a variety of automated systems, but you’re probably wondering why NASA would study cars.

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