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News Clips | September 28-October 3, 2023

University of Utah research funding hits record $768 million in fiscal year ’23

Goal of $1 billion in research funding is ‘within reach,’ says U. President Taylor Randall.

A new $155M mental health research facility is coming to Utah

Officials broke ground Monday on a multimillion-dollar mental health research and clinical care facility that they say will help solve the state’s mental health challenges.

Utah researchers are at the forefront of protecting the grid from climate change

Utah researchers are spearheading efforts to explore how to make the Mountain West’s power grid more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Utah universities and colleges range from big research centers to smaller college-town campuses

Schools are tailoring programs to meet the needs of today’s students and workplaces.

Autism Council of Utah distributes sensory bags to law enforcement, emergency rooms

A Utah organization spent the weekend handing out hundreds of autism sensory bags to rural law enforcement agencies, to help officers and deputies who come into contact with a person with an autism diagnosis or a disability.

"Sluffing School" and Other Utah-isms

Wanna talk like a real Utahn? Well, pour yourself a glass of “melk” and head on up to the “ruf.” We’ve got some “explainin’” to do.

Is Utah a model for disagreeing respectfully?

The nation is in a period of ‘extended conflict, partisan conflict, deep division,’ which one Washington university professor says has been more the norm over the course of our nation’s history.

New OB-GYNs are avoiding abortion-restrictive states like Utah

A paper from University of Utah researchers in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology found that 1 in 5 OB-GYN residents altered their intended practice state following the Dobbs decision.

How are ancient Roman and Mayan buildings still standing? Scientists are unlocking their secrets

In the quest to build better for the future, some are looking for answers in the long-ago past.

Donation drive to be held in honor of murdered University of Utah football player Aaron Lowe

This past week marked two years since University of Utah football player Aaron Lowe was murdered, deeply impacting the football and campus communities.

This is how much the University of Utah paid investigators to look into gymnastics coach Tom Farden

The school contracted with an outside firm to investigate allegations that the coach had thrown objects and yelled at athletes.

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