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News Clips | September 23, 2021

Trump just sued the New York Times and his niece. If history is a guide, he probably won’t win.

Donald Trump has once again sued a news organization alleging that its reporting was unfair to him. If history is any guide, this one is also likely to generate a flurry of attention before quietly stalling out.

Vaccines for Young Kids?

Some parents are hesitant to vaccinate 5-11-year-olds.

Doctors desperately want pregnant women to get vaccinated. It's an uphill battle.

Nicole Torres’ prenatal visits all start the same way: with her obstetrician inquiring whether she has received her Covid-19 shot yet.

What It Was Like for Me to Watch Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony

From my own experience in 1991, I knew that her life would never be the same. By Anita Hill.

How would you draw Utah's voting maps? Here's how these residents drew theirs

When it comes to piecing together representative boundaries, Stuart Hepworth views the roads as a key component bringing the different districts together.

Naturally occurring protein associated with better stroke recovery in mice

A naturally occurring protein that blocks an inflammatory immune response was associated with better stroke recovery in a study conducted in mice.

Utah leaders want to block Biden’s vaccine plan. Can they?

Former federal judge says state government doesn’t have much room to maneuver.

Warming hearts: Rose Park event offers COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, free coats and shoes for children

The vibrant coats of children could be seen leaving Rose Park Elementary School, some coats being carried away on bikes or nestled in the backseats of parents' cars, as the sun shone high at a warm 79 degrees Wednesday.

Salt Lake County Health Department awarded $3.8M grant to improve minority health

The Salt Lake County Health Department announced Wednesday that it has been awarded a two-year, $3,844,568 grant to support projects that reduce health disparities among minorities.

11 Under-the-Radar Colleges for Earning a Tech Degree

Which under-the-radar colleges are worthy of consideration?

Having a Distant Relative With Colorectal Cancer Before Age 50 May Mean Higher Risk

Colorectal cancer threatens first-, second- and third-degree relatives of individuals with early-onset colon cancer.

Time for Utah to tap the energy that lies beneath our feet

Geothermal energy has the potential to provide renewable energy to everyone.

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