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News Clips | September 18-20, 2021

How The Aftermath Of Robert Marshall’s 1925 Lynching Made Price A ‘Sundown Town’

Utah doesn’t appear to have had any laws on the books that said people of color couldn’t live in town, but it’s clear African Americans weren’t welcomed in many places.

A New Covid Testing Model Aims to Spare Students From Quarantine

More school districts are embracing “test-to-stay” protocols that allow uninfected close contacts to remain in the classroom.

A proposal to plant a trillion trees to save us from climate change may not be realistic. Here's why.

Scientists are divided about whether planting a large number of trees can save the planet from climate change.

Covid-19 leads to global rise in unplanned pregnancy

Millions of people have experienced contraceptive service disruptions because of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.N. found.

‘Redistricting geeks’ as the cure for gerrymandering? Utahns are drawing their own maps.

Average Utahns are drawing sophisticated redistricting maps, but will it matter?

How the GOP became the champion of the police

Fox Nation’s reboot of the reality TV series ‘Cops’ shows that even law enforcement has become a political issue.

$90 million approved for first-of-its-kind translational research building for mental health

Lawmakers unanimously approved $90 million in funding for the Utah Translational Research Building at the University of Utah Huntsman Mental Health Institute.

Belonging insecurity in STEM courses can affect grades

"Maybe people like me don't belong in this class."

Front-line fatigue: COVID resurgence leaves ICU docs feeling 'heavy in the soul'

A COVID-19 patient lies on a hospital bed with tubes coming out of their mouth and nose and chest.

‘Do You Know How to Snowboard?’: Saudi Arabia Tries Out for its First Winter Olympics

Desert kingdom prepares for next year’s Beijing Games with an indoor ski slope at a Riyadh mall as its off-season base.

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