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News Clips | September 10-13, 2021

Did beards evolve to protect men from punches? Here’s what U. of U. researchers discovered

No, these University of Utah men didn’t go to blows to test the question, but they won an Ig Nobel Peace Prize.

How University Neighborhood Partners helps west side leaders

Salt Lake County’s west side is incredibly diverse and faces many challenges, but also grows its own solutions.

The Great Salt Lake Is Low, What Does This Mean For Utahns?

The water levels of the Great Salt Lake have dipped to troublingly low levels this August.

Nathan Spratt, Aileen Pannecoucke win 39th-annual LoToJa Classic

It was a memorable day out on the roads for many of the 1,500 cyclists who braved early-morning rains and competed in the 39th-annual LoToJa Classic.

University of Utah doctors share latest info on effects of long COVID

University of Utah Health opened a comprehensive long-hauler COVID-19 clinic in mid-July. They have seen about 100 patients so far.

What is carbon pricing? Could it clean Utah’s air?

Utah roundtable explores whether carbon tax could cut pollution.

How a pandemic may have helped start the BYU-Utah football rivalry

Saturday will mark the first BYU-Utah football matchup since the COVID-19 pandemic ruined the rivalry last year.

The best spinal cord rehabilitation hospital in the surrounding states is right here in Salt Lake City

Dr. Venessa Lee, MD, is an Assistant Professor (Clinical) of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Utah.

Opinion: Utahns should welcome refugees with open arms

When it comes to immigrants and refugees, will we choose to be a nation of walls, drawbridges or bridges?

Front-line fatigue: ICU nurses taking brutal blows to their mental health

Robin Grigg's patient, struggling to breathe, looked at her and asked what was wrong with him.

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