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News Clips | September 1-2, 2022

He started with an ‘F’ but became university president. Here are his 5 tips for student success

The president of the University of Utah discusses 5 tips for a healthy, happy back-to-school season.

The majority of Utah health teachers want help teaching sexuality and mental health

Jodi Parker, the health education specialist at the Utah State Board of Education, said she took the data and partnered with the University of Utah to create a series of webinars to educate health teachers on things like sexual harassment, cancer screenings and contraceptives

Commentary: When it comes to acts of hate, silence is affirmation

The United Jewish Federation of Utah and its Partners Against Hate are no longer shocked, but are angry and disappointed that flagrant acts of misguided hatred continue in our public spaces and sports arenas.

The heat was on! Salt Lake City records warmest summer ever

If it felt hotter than it's ever been in Salt Lake City over the summer, that's because it was. The National Weather Service made it official Thursday, saying it was the warmest meteorological summer ever at its temperature measuring site at the Salt Lake City International Airport.

What’s the answer to the U.S. housing crisis? Why national experts have eyes on Utah

Zillow economist says Utah among states ‘leading the way’ in solutions to housing shortage.

Task demonstrability a key component for how groups solve problems most effectively, study shows

here is no "I" in team … but there is a "me." According to a new study of organizational teams, enhancing task demonstrability may be the key method for how an individual can convince a group to choose the correct solution to a problem.

The Power of Dual Enrollment: The Equitable Expansion of College Access and Success

Dual enrollment works. The Biden-Harris Administration is deeply committed to the use and expansion of high-quality dual enrollment programs to improve student access to rigorous coursework and equitable postsecondary opportunities.

Blood Type Tied to Early-Onset Stroke Risk

Findings point to prothrombotic mechanisms in younger stroke patients.

Global analysis identifies at-risk forests

Researchers quantify the risk to forests from climate change along three dimensions: carbon storage, biodiversity and forest loss from disturbance, such as fire or drought.

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