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News Clips | October 8-10, 2022

How the student loan forgiveness plan will affect Utahns

Despite the student loan forgiveness plan, many Utahns will soon resume federal student loan payments.

Utah Bionic Leg: The most advanced AI-powered prosthetics ‘ever created’

The users can effectively manipulate the prosthetics exactly like they would with an intact limb.

4 things a University of Utah professor says you should know about dress codes

Ana Carolina Antunes says, among other points, that strict standards for dress often point to a lack of trust that adults have in teens.

Here & there: Utah’s most famous feature is disappearing

Dr. Brenda Bowen, a professor of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Utah who has done extensive research on the Great Salt Lake and the surrounding Bonneville Salt Flats, says there is still more work to do – and it must happen fast.

One of the most reliable stock market indicators—short-interest ratio—is near a record high, and that’s a bearish omen

Investors are betting heavily on a decline in stock prices. They're usually right, according to research.

The dramatic history of cheating in fishing contests

Fishermen's tales are not known for being the most accurate recounts.

Is it possible for a credit card to truly guarantee approval?

Absolute guaranteed credit card approval is a bit of a myth.

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