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News Clips | October 31-November 6, 2023

How the prolonged ADHD medication shortage is straining patients and their families

Since the pandemic eased, millions of Americans have had to deal with several drug shortages. For those with ADHD, it's been an especially difficult year as they and their families have struggled to get through ordinary daily routines.

Idaho is the most ‘overvalued’ housing market in the U.S., says Moody’s Analytics. Here’s where Utah ranks

Boise’s home prices exceed fundamental value by 41.87%, according to Moody’s models.

Are Utah hospitals prepared to handle patients seeking abortion care? Here’s what a new study says.

A law that would ban abortion clinics was signed by the governor last spring but is currently held up in court.

University of Utah reminds students, staff of speed limit for bikes, scooters after crash

University of Utah police say they plan to better enforce a 10 mph speed limit for people riding bicycles, scooters and skateboards and other nonmotorized vehicles after a crash that sent two students to the hospital at the start of the semester.

Top Public and Private Colleges in the Western U.S.

The University of Utah and Stanford University head these lists from the WSJ/College Pulse rankings.

High mobile phone use may impact sperm count, study says

Male sperm count has fallen by more than 50% globally in the last 50 years, leaving researchers scrambling to understand why.

Understanding the changing landscape of American labor unions

With recent Writers Guild of America and United Auto Workers strikes, labor unions have been in the public eye more and more in recent months, but public perception of American labor unions has been changing for much longer.

Here's what the landscape of homelessness looks like in Cache Valley

Many who live in Cache Valley consider it an idyllic place—good schools, a strong sense of community and a thriving economy. But even the most idyllic places have its fair share of people struggling to make ends meet.

Perspective: The excesses of equity politics in higher ed

Utah State University needed an insect ecologist. Applicants had to show a track record supportive of DEI.

KCPW signs off after 31 years; FM license goes to KUER/PBS Utah to expand service

The staff of KCPW left a simple message on social media as the clock struck 10 p.m. Tuesday, signaling the end of an era for the public radio station that formed in the '90s.

94% of Utahns say school attendance is important but nearly 25% of kids are chronically absent

Utah’s new state school report card reveals nearly one-quarter of Utah students are chronically absent, meaning they aren’t in school at least 10% of the school year.

SafeUT app sees ‘record-breaking’ use in 2023

The SafeUT app saw “record-breaking” utilization during 2023, program leaders and partners announced Tuesday.

U of U peace officers are trading nightsticks for tethers with new device

Officers with the University of Utah’s Department of Public Safety are trading out their nightsticks for a different method of restraining those not listening to police commands.

Letter: University of Utah shamefully allows anti-trans signs to be posted on campus

Imagine my surprise when I was figuratively assaulted in the stairwell of one of the classroom buildings by multiple signs stating that “The Transgender Movement Harms Women.”

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