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News Clips | October 4-9, 2023

A University of Utah professor’s exhibit captures a 2006 march for immigration reform in photos

The display, ‘Invisible No More,’ can be seen at Salt Lake City’s Mestizo Coffeehouse, through Oct. 15.

How are ancient Roman and Mayan buildings still standing? Scientists are unlocking their secrets to improve modern architecture

In the quest to build better for the future, some are looking for answers in the long-ago past.

Should You Let Apps Track You? Here's What Tech Pros Personally Choose

When it's possible that your insurance premiums could go up based on how often you're using a fast food app, it's time to think twice.

Henry Matthews: I’m a social worker, and it’s clear we need better housing solutions

Utah, known for its beautiful natural landscapes and thriving economy, is grappling with a crisis threatening its foundation: housing instability.

New initiative seeks to solve Great Salt Lake’s woes

A group of researchers and other prominent figures are seeking the help of thousands to solve the Great Salt Lake’s woes once and for all, as the lake’s water levels remain well below the healthy mark even after a welcomed bump from Utah’s record snowpack earlier this year.

What drives Utah’s economy?

Here’s which industries contribute the most—and least—to Utah’s sturdy economic health.

Dan Jones Center for Public Service opens at University of Utah

The Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah recently opened the Dan Jones Center for Public Service. The center will continue the Dan Jones legacy of public opinion polling, community engagement and providing hands-on learning experiences for students.

Study identifies new genetic risk factors that may influence suicide

The largest genetic study of suicide ever conducted has discovered 12 new risk factors.

Every Utah football scholarship player receives free Ram truck lease in NIL deal

The Crimson Collective, an independent NIL organization centered around NIL opportunities for Utah student-athletes, has provided every scholarship football player with a free lease on a brand-new 2024 Dodge Ram 1500 Big Horn Night Edition truck. The retail price of each truck is $61,000.

Will abortion restrictions impact Utah’s health care workforce?

University of Utah researchers found that OB-GYN residents who previously intended to work in states that implemented abortion bans following the Dobbs decision were more likely to change their plans.

"Extremely rare" Jurassic fossils discovered near Lake Powell in Utah: "Right place at the right time"

A field crew studying fossil tracks near Lake Powell recently discovered an "extremely rare" set of prehistoric fossils along a stretch of the reservoir in Utah, officials announced on Friday.

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