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News Clips | October 29, 2021

New AI technology helps diagnose genetic disorders in newborns

Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence-based technology that helps diagnose rare disorders in critically ill children.

New Utah study shows how dry years disrupt bird populations

As droughts in the West cause natural habitats to become dry and cracked for birds, they flock to riparian areas—those green areas near rivers that remain relatively lush.

Do Utahns still like Gov. Spencer Cox? New poll numbers are in

The Republican governor’s job approval ratings have dipped slightly since January.

Cox to form cybersecurity task force aimed at protecting Utah infrastructure

Governor Spencer Cox announced the formation of a cybersecurity task force between government and private industry to protect infrastructure.

Tourism resort development has created a political tug of war in a small southern Utah town

To get to the main entrance of Zion National Park, travelers often take state Route 9 and pass through the town of Virgin.

Michael S. Werner: The science of the sandworms of ‘Dune’

The giant creatures in Frank Herbert’s novel have an Earthly counterpart in the numerous nematodes.

What do Utahns think about President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for large businesses? Answers in a new poll

A new survey shows Utahns are overwhelmingly opposed to the proposed private sector vaccine mandate rules announced last month.

4 things to consider before using ‘buy now, pay later’ for your holiday shopping

It’s convenient to use a buy now, pay later loan at checkout, but is it a good idea?

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