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News Clips | October 27-November 1, 2022

How the University of Utah hopes to make college more affordable for Native students

In a recent study among Indigenous students, more than half reported they could not save any money before attending college and 16% said they experienced homelessness during college.

University of Utah police officers will no longer say these 3 things to victims

Interim Police Chief Jason Hinojosa said it’s part of continuing reform since the death of student-athlete Lauren McCluskey in 2018.

University of Utah to hold vigil for victims of Itaewon crowd surge tragedy

University of Utah will be holding a vigil on Wednesday, Nov. 2, to honor those who were killed and injured in the crowd surge during a Halloween celebration in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea.

Harvard Professor Arthur Brooks now an Impact Scholar at the University of Utah

Brooks was in Utah Thursday for the announcement, and to speak about his latest book.

What about committees? Here’s what’s likely if Evan McMullin keeps his no-caucus promise

If independent candidate for U.S. Senate Evan McMullin makes it to Washington, he has promised not to caucus with Republicans or Democrats.

Utah mental health experts address when to seek help, treatments for depression

More than a third of Americans suffer from depression and while Utah's rate is similar to the rest of the country, the state's suicide rate is higher, said Dr. Jeremy Kendrick, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Utah.

Is logging the best fire mitigation strategy for Southern Utah?

Fire season is coming to a close, reducing the risk of catastrophic burns in the state’s wilderness. Many in Southern Utah believe logging is the best strategy to mitigate next year’s risk – but is it?

How difficult is being a first-time home buyer now?

The country’s average mortgage rate topped 7% for the first time in twenty years. It’s a result of the Federal Reserve’s goal to tame current inflation costs.

Students get expansive Great Salt Lake experience

"How worried should we be?" "If people see that there's less water, why keep taking it?" "Will it get worse?" These were some of the questions high schoolers from Horizonte Instruction and Training Center asked during a trip to Antelope Island on Thursday.

Perspective: How a bipartisan ad from Utah helped reduce partisanship

New research shows that the ad featuring Utah Gov. Spencer Cox and his opponent reduced viewers’ support for undemocratic actions.

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