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News Clips | October 22-24, 2022

Meditation literally changes how your brain's neurons move

Some meditation buffs bill the practice as a panacea. Mindfulness fans swear that, with meditation, depression and anxiety will dissipate, period cramps will be gone, and chronic pain will ease.

Almost 1 in 5 Utah students are Hispanic, but Utah school boards lack Latino voices

Arlene Anderson grew up in a family where education was a top priority. Her parents, both Mexican immigrants, understood the value of education even though neither attended school beyond about third grade.

Cultural sites are being revealed by a dwindling Lake Powell

More cultural sites have been revealed, presenting new challenges to land managers as well as opportunities for new archaeological research.

New study: BYU has the most politically diverse student body in Utah

Utah State and the University of Utah were also in the top 50 in national survey.

Utah think tank offers new 'playbook' to catalyze rural community development

Do you ever see a building in your downtown and think that would be a great bookstore or restaurant, but the money isn’t there to fuel the dream?

What signs doctors say to look for as RSV cases spike

Respiratory syncytial virus, commonly known as RSV, is spiking across the country and the virus is coming earlier than it usually does. Dr. Per Gesteland at University of Utah and Primary Children's Hospital said it could be due to COVID-19.

Why is everyone in Utah so short-staffed?

Companies are struggling to hire as Utah has the second-lowest unemployment rate in the country.

Study: Stillbirth risk passed down genetically through males

New research by University of Utah Health is the first to show that stillbirth risk is passed down genetically through male members of the family.

Utah opponents made a campaign ad together. Here’s what it achieved

During the 2020 campaign season, Utah’s Democratic and Republican candidates for governor took the unusual step of recording an ad together. Two years later, researchers found it had an effect on those who saw it.

Lauren McCluskey remembered by family, students, campus police four years after her death

Despite chilly weather Saturday morning, about 100 runners gathered on the University of Utah campus for a 5K run—the first Race for Campus Safety.

U of U student arrested on felony charges

A 19-year-old man has been arrested on felony charges after a woman was allegedly sexually abused and prevented from leaving his dorm room at the University of Utah.

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