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News Clips | October 21, 2021

How $15 million gift will help University of Utah double high-demand computer science grads

John and Marcia Price make large donation to U. engineering school.

Where does Moab belong? The city is split into two House districts and locals want that to change

Politically, Moab is a blue dot in a sea of red. The city is split down the middle into two different state House districts.

What happens to telemedicine after COVID-19?

Hoping to stem COVID-19, authorities dramatically expanded telemedicine access during the pandemic.

Where Indigenous mascots have changed in Utah and beyond

Tribal activists and scholars have advocated for some schools to change their mascots.

Don't let gene patents make a comeback

In January 2020, when the SARS-CoV-2 virus was first identified, researchers quickly sequenced its genome and uploaded it to the GenBank public database.

Glacier Park Partners Examine Reservation System’s Ripple Effects

Despite visitor displacement and impacts of overflow on neighboring communities, majority of visitors favor some sort of reservation system going forward.

Scientists enable a blind woman to see simple shapes

Newly published research details how a team of scientists successfully created a form of artificial vision for a blind woman using a brain implant.

Annual Bard Fiction Prize is Awarded to Lindsey Drager

Author Lindsey Drager has received the Bard Fiction Prize for her novel, The Archive of Alternate Endings (Dzanc Books 2019).

Researchers launch new project for improving the ability to predict, respond to future pandemics

A multidisciplinary national research team led by University of Utah Health scientists has launched a comprehensive review and analysis of data collected about COVID-19.

One Woman Used CBD Oil and Her Tumor Shrank, But That Doesn’t Mean it Cured Cancer

A case study recently published in BMJ Case Reports documented the experience of a woman whose lung tumor shrank without conventional cancer treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation.

What role Utah Nobel Prize winner Mario Cappechi played in pioneering surgery to attach pig kidney in human

Groundbreaking surgery at a New York City hospital that attached a kidney from a genetically altered pig to a human was made possible by the Nobel Prize-winning gene targeting discoveries of U researcher Mario Capecchi.

A spotlight on air quality in Utah

Two U researchers discuss the grants they’ve received from NOAA to study how the changes in human behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic affected air quality and greenhouse gas emissions.

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