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News Clips | October 17-30, 2023

History Says the 1918 Flu Killed the Young and Healthy. These Bones Say Otherwise

A study of bones held in a Cleveland museum reveals a new side to the pandemic’s story—and a new way to think about pandemics to come.

Fall enrollment at Utah’s public colleges, universities up 1.8% over 2022

Headcounts at most of Utah’s state-supported colleges and universities increased over the previous year but Snow College experienced an 8% decline, according to the Utah System of Higher Education.

University of Utah launches $100M AI research initiative aimed at tackling societal issues

Rather than tiptoe around the inevitability of artificial intelligence's creep into society, the University of Utah has launched a $100 million research initiative that will dig into ways AI can be used responsibly to tackle societal issues.

University of Utah guarantees on-campus housing for first-year students in fall 2024

Incoming first-year students of the University of Utah will be guaranteed on-campus housing if they apply before the May 3 deadline, according to a news release.

Tattoo removals for former gang members resume — with a new laser funded by Utah lawmakers

The program has helped more than 200 former gang members since 2006, Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera said.

University of Utah puts campus speed limit on bikes, scooters and skateboards

Students at the University of Utah will have to “slow their roll” when getting around campus on bikes, scooters, skateboards, or golf carts. In a new safety update, the University administration has implemented a 10-mile-per-hour speed limit.

Utah Bionic Leg named as one of 2023's best inventions by TIME magazine

The Utah Bionic Leg was just named one of the best inventions of 2023 by TIME Magazine.

KUER, PBS Utah to purchase SLC-based KCPW

The University of Utah’s two public broadcasting stations announced this week they will purchase the Salt Lake City independent news station KCPW-FM 88.3.

Here’s a list of Utah museums and galleries

Utah has a plethora of locations to enjoy art of all kinds.

What a U.S. senator says about Utah football team NIL truck deal

South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham twice referenced the deal in a committee hearing.

Building a ‘Tesla house’: Could factory-built homes help Utah’s housing crisis?

“We’re trying to build like a car,” the founder of one modular-home maker said at a Utah housing affordability summit this week.

Is there too much emphasis (or not enough) on college sports?

Winning athletic teams raise a university’s profile and might contribute to enrollment boosts.

Domestic violence cases rising among Utah seniors

The Department of Adult Protective Services states that only one in every 23 domestic violence situations among seniors over the age of 55 are reported to law enforcement.

We looked at banned books in Utah’s biggest school districts. What we found might surprise you.

The Salt Lake Tribune compiled a list of 262 books removed across 17 school districts. One literature professor asks: “What are we going to be left with?”

Pumpkin walk, chili cook-off, horror fest, ghost tours and MORE happening this weekend!

Take advantage of the mild weather and get out to enjoy some community events near you this weekend! There's plenty going on across the entire state.

Retired U of U professor shares memories in Utah researching Black history

In the 1970s, Dr. Ron Coleman—a retired history professor at the University of Utah—was presented with a huge opportunity.

Maximilian Werner: Why won’t the state help prevent wildlife collisions on Utah roads?

If UDOT and the state can’t see their way clear to do something as simple and basic as this, what hope can we have in their ability to address truly complicated problems?

Utah tailgating brings its A game for national spotlight

These are the kinds of Saturdays Ryan Lufkin looks forward to. “I need a spoon,” he said as he looked over the pork he had just finished preparing from a full pig. “Our temperature was perfect.”

College GameDay provides an epic tailgate at the University of Utah

The ESPN program took over campus this week ahead of a Pac-12 showdown between Oregon and Utah.

Remembering Lauren McCluskey Five Years Later

October 22, 2018, is one of three days the Utah Athletics community will sadly never forget. That was the day track and field star Lauren McCluskey was brutally murdered nearly five years ago by an ex-boyfriend after numerous pleas for help were ignored.

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