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News Clips | October 16-18, 2021

Who’s the best? New study ranks the best colleges in Utah

With college applications for seniors coming up, Utah students have quite a few choices for higher education in the state.

Workers near Zion homeless amid housing crunch, tourism bump

A hot wind whipped across the red sand just outside of Zion National Park where a woman and her dogs live in a 1970s camper because she can’t find housing in Springdale, where she works.

How a Los Angeles woman gets roughly $350,000 in student loans dismissed acting as her own lawyer

Nearly 45 million Americans owe over $1.73 trillion in student debt, providing more fuel why the bill is among the hardest ones for many people to erase.

Front-line fatigue: COVID resurgence leaves ICU doctors feeling ‘heavy in the soul’

A COVID-19 patient lies on a hospital bed in Salt Lake City with tubes coming out of their mouth and nose and chest.

Week in Tech: Ancient Concrete That Strengthens Over Time

Intrigued by the durability of some ancient Roman structures, researchers from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City have taken a closer look at the concrete used to construct the tomb of Caecilia Metella, a firsst century Roman noblewoman.

A new proposal could be the boldest Utah has seen to clean up our air. The surprise, says Robert Gehrke, is who is sponsoring it.

New bill would seek to cut air pollution in Utah by half by taking some aggressive measures that past Republican lawmakers have opposed.

University of Utah honors Aaron Lowe in first home game since his death

"So today we ask, in honor of Ty and Aaron, that you smile. Smile big like they did. Smile. Stand. Cheer. Let your voices ring....from the mountains to the heavens in a moment of loudness."

The problem with generic medication; study examines generic drugs; When to opt for the brand-name; “Never Pay the First Bill”

The vast majority of Americans who take prescription medications are on generic versions.

Can Anyone Stop the Uberization of the Economy?

In January 2020, Henry DeGroot, an Uber and Lyft driver and organizer with the Boston Independent Drivers Guild (BIDG), and other drivers sat down with people from state attorney general Maura Healey’s office.

As Utah explodes in growth, coal country is left behind

The decline of coal has hit this region of Utah hard, but locals hope to find a path forward.

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