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News Clips | October 13, 2022

I Thought I’d Found a Cheat Code for Parenting

But by gamifying my kids’ lives, I was toying with powers I did not understand.

Many Americans admit lying about COVID-19 in a new survey. Here’s their rationale

University of Utah Health researchers helped lead a national project and discovered that many people weren’t honest about their adherence to COVID-19 rules.

This is the University of Utah’s plan to get 5,000 more students living on campus

Two more dorms are proposed and two are under construction for the Salt Lake City campus.

Salt Lake Chamber unveils vision for Utah's energy future

Utah has ambitions to become the nation's leader in energy transition and it plans to enlist the help of the state's business community along the way.

Omicron’s staying power could pave the way for a predictable COVID-19 pattern

The rhythm of pre-pandemic life is back around much of the world. Munich’s Oktoberfest tents are full, tourists are returning in Tokyo and New York, and masks have come off in some parts of the world.

Teva’s Adderall Shortage Seen Continuing Into March

Agency says there’s a national shortage of the medication. Teva is the largest manufacturer of the ADHD drug in the U.S.

Justice Clarence Thomas confesses he's a Prince fan during a spirited debate over Andy Warhol's artwork and copyright law

The Supreme Court heard a case involving pop artist Andy Warhol's iconic silkscreen prints of musician Prince. At issue is whether Warhol violated copyright law by relying on a photographer's image of Prince for his art.

In Utah, a Trump Loyalist Sends an S.O.S. to Romney, of All People

Senator Mike Lee, in a surprisingly close race for re-election, has antagonized Mitt Romney and the state’s G.O.P. for years. His plea now? “Please, get on board.”

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