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News Clips | October 12, 2022

Monitoring Moisture from Afar

Undisturbed tropical rain forests are experiencing more frequent droughts, but the ecosystems are isolated and difficult to assess. Scientists are using remote sensing to expand the depth and scope of monitoring efforts.

Reducing Barriers To Entrepreneurship Among Military Spouses

Military spouses should be the next frontier of entrepreneurship support.

Utah consumer sentiment in September fell

Utah’s consumer sentiment fell from 66.0 in August to 63.9 in September, according to the Kem C. Gardner Institute’s Survey of Utah Consumers.

Scientists are one step closer to stopping drug-resistant tumors from growing

Scientists have solved a long-standing mystery surrounding a cancer-promoting protein and how it causes tumor growth.

The Great Reshuffle: New poll finds a roil among places where we toil

Seismic impacts on the function and philosophy of where we do our work, first wrought by COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, continue to be felt by business owners and employees as new definitions of the workplace are still being written.

Labor Department's new proposal would shake up gig economy, turn contractors into employees

A new proposal by the U.S. Department of Labor could mean higher prices on rideshare and food delivery apps. Some consumers say prices are expensive enough as it is, while workers in the gig industry say they want more protection.

Utah archaeologists help to restore the land of the Bear River Massacre

Some archaeologists from the University of Utah are helping prepare the site of the 1863 Bear River Massacre to be restored to what it once was. Located just north of Preston, a piece of land known for a massive tragedy is beginning to have its greater history uncovered—something important to people like Brad Parry.

Sandy woman shares frustration of ongoing battle with COVID-19

Even with her bubbly and outgoing personality, Jill Anderson is scared. “The longer I have it, the worse it’s getting,” she said. It’s been two years since Anderson was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Teen book to help kids in school

Local Utah teen, Emily Erickson came to GTU to talk about her book ‘The Art of the A’, which helps students be successful during their high school career.

Managing Your Child’s Meltdown

Alisa Van Langeveld, Ph.D. came to GTU to share how to manage your child’s frustration. Van Langeveld is an Adjunct Professor at University of Utah where she teaches Family Studies.

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