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News Clips | October 12-16, 2023

What Salt Lake City gets right about downtown

Salt Lake City could be a model for downtown development — if it figures out how to address its environmental problems.

The fascinating backstories of Utah’s two new National Blue Ribbon Schools

One is on its school board’s study list for possible closure. The other had been flagged by the state school board for poor performance but worked its way out of ‘turnaround school’ status.

Utah, Idaho among top 10 states with most ‘severe’ housing underproduction

Housing market shortage sharpens in suburbs, small towns, report says.

The power dynamic in labor has shifted and pickets are seemingly everywhere. But for how long?

From auto production lines to Hollywood, the power of labor unions is back in the national spotlight. But despite historic strikes and record contract negotiations this year, there’s a lot stacked against labor organizers today.

Utah expert provides guidance as student loan repayments set to resume in October

After a three-year break, payment on government-funded student loans which were frozen at 0% interest since the pandemic, are due again starting October 2023.

Utah’s growth presents a huge challenge, the Editorial Board writes, but we know what we need to do

Political leaders need to stop fussing around the margins and face real quality-of-life issues.

Online calculator helps guide students through college loans

Across the United States, college graduates who took out federal student loans will be required to make payments once again — or for the first time since the onset of the pandemic.

UnDisciplined: Is personalized medicine a threat to public health?

Personalized medicine sounds like a good idea. Our genes are all quite different, after all, so why should our medical treatment be the same? But what sounds like a good idea in theory might not be working in practice.

Utah students could see $0 payments, quicker loan forgiveness under White House plan

As of this October, Utahns with student loans have to start paying them again after more than three years of those debts being on pause.

Israel and Palestine have long, complicated history, University of Utah professor says

The relationship between Israel and Palestine is deep rooted in history and may be difficult for many overseas to understand.

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