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News Clips | November 7-14, 2023

Fresh Off the Set

It's time to freshen up your day! Join 5 TV hosts from Salt Lake City, Utah as they discuss trending topics, and good news, and interview exciting guests!

Robot developed by Utah professor helps clean space junk

Cleaning up a dirty kitchen or bedroom is one thing but when the mess is in space, the problem becomes infinitely more difficult to solve.

Opinion: I’ve seen the dangers of open-pit copper mining, both in Utah and abroad

The view of the inversion outside my window feels like a crystal ball.

University of Utah health care workers have unionized. This is what they want.

Utah Health Workers United is the first union in the state directly tied to a specific health care system. Members say they’re fighting for “substantial changes.”

University of Utah puts gymnastics Coach Tom Farden on paid leave

University of Utah Head Gymnastics Coach Tom Farden has been placed on administrative leave, but the reason as to why has not made explicitly clear.

How do Utah veterans fare in measuring income, employment, disability and more? Here is the data.

The Salt Lake Tribune used U.S. Census Bureau data to compare Utah veterans to those in other states and nonveterans within the Beehive State.

Health care innovation and technology are good for Utah’s economy, report says

A new report from the Gardner Policy Institute shows rapid job growth and millions in revenue from the life science industry.

Another gunky, toxic season for Utah waters

Harmful algae blooms, fueled by warming temperatures and nutrient runoff, plague the state.

Utah memorial to Chinese railroad workers is a way ‘to tell the history,’ lawmaker says

The monument to laborers on the transcontinental railroad will be placed on the southeast lawn of the Utah Capitol.

The Great Salt Lake is going to school, editor Lauren Gustus writes

University of Utah Humanities students will publish reporting with Great Salt Lake Collaborative.

University of Utah celebrates with Hindu students for Diwali holiday

Hindus around the world are celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights. To help people who are far away from home still to get to celebrate Diwali, student organizations at the University of Utah are bringing Indian students together with a special event.

‘Behind The Scenes’ is back at Natural History Museum of Utah this weekend

Behind the Scenes is back at the Natural History Museum of Utah — but for two days only. On Nov. 11 and 12, NHMU will be giving guests the extraordinary opportunity to explore the museum’s vast collections in areas that are normally off-limits to guests.

Reaching for Air: How a historic mistake led to Salt Lake City’s pollution nightmare

Decisions made in the 1890s ‘are still impacting us today,’ says one climate scientist.

How Utah museum's 1st exhibit in decade seeks to bring 'hope' to climate discussions

Lynn Zummo says Utahns are well aware of the "big problem" that a changing climate can pose for the state's future, ranging from water security concerns and wildfires from future droughts to environment concerns from the low Great Salt Lake levels.

New therapy may break the cycle of overthinking and repetitive, negative thoughts

A new study provides compelling evidence that Rumination-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (RF-CBT) is an effective intervention to reduce overthinking in adolescents.

U. police introduce new device to replace batons after the death of Tyre Nichols

Officers at the University of Utah have a new tool to fight crime on campus. The department has gotten rid of batons, also known as nightsticks, and replaced them with a new device called a BolaWrap that launches a cord, wrapping up the suspect's arms or legs.

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