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News Clips | November 3-5, 2021

Utah saw a decrease in human-caused wildfires this year, but officials say fire season isn't going away

Utah officials are moving away from the term “fire season” because they’re now happening all year.

For Black people, the mental effects of police killings linger

"It’s not a post-traumatic stress disorder or injury because we’re not in a post-racist society. It’s something we have to deal with every day," one expert said.

A proposed research center would help Utah better prepare for big earthquakes

In March of 2020, Utah started to shake. The earthquake hit early in the morning along the Wasatch Front.

Sleep expert says “falling back” to standard time is a move in the right direction

Daylight Saving time ends Sunday, putting an extra hour on the clock. Dr. Kelly Baron is a clinical psychologist and director of the University of Utah’s behavioral sleep medicine laboratory.

290 million-year-old skeleton found at Utah’s Canyonlands National Park

A rare skeleton, potentially representing a new species, has been found in one of Utah’s national parks.

How should Salt Lake County be split into Congressional districts? The question has big partisan implications

Utah state lawmakers are meeting on Tuesday to finalize new district maps for Congress—as well as the state House, Senate and school board.

Utah’s coal miners are becoming extinct. Is there a greener future for them?

Innovations in energy and manufacturing may breathe new, sustainable life into old industries in Carbon and Utah County.

Utah company accused of ‘deceptively’ advertising its nasal spray as COVID-19 treatment

Federal regulators say Xlear mischaracterized research relating to nasal sprays and the treatment of COVID-19.

Can Republicans duplicate Glenn Youngkin’s Virginia win in 2022? Maybe, maybe not

While some political observers see the Republican win in the Virginia governor’s race Tuesday as a possible blueprint for the GOP to take back the U.S. House and Senate in next year’s midterm elections, others aren’t so sure it can be duplicated.

3 Strategies for Better Meetings

As the format of your meetings evolves, make sure you have engagement and flexibility, advises Joseph Allen, University of Utah professor and co-author of the books Suddenly Virtual and Suddenly Hybrid.

Yearlong program helps US colleges find and fix overlooked campus antisemitism

Hillel’s Campus Climate Initiative assesses Jewish life at participating schools; whether kosher food is available, Jewish holidays accommodated, and if bigotry is tolerated.

Utah ICUs near capacity as healthcare workers continue battle against COVID-19

Colorado’s governor signed an executive order allowing overwhelmed hospitals to turn away new patients.

Will federal mandate boost Utah’s COVID-19 vaccinations? See what health experts have to say

OSHA issues vaccination rules for large companies, health care workers.

What parents need to know about vaccinating young children against COVID-19

Approximately 365,000 Utah children 5 to 11 years old are eligible for the shots.

Side-effects principal reason parents in Utah hold off on vaccinating their kids

On Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration gave the final approval for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to be administered to children 5-11.

U of U physician’s daughters take part in Moderna’s vaccine trial for kids

A Utah mother who is also a doctor said her two daughters are a part of Moderna’s vaccine trials for children ages 6 to 11.

Why south and west side residents are left gasping for breath with asthma

The burden of asthma is disproportionately high in some Salt Lake neighborhoods, due to low health care rates and more air pollution.

You still call it Facebook but as Meta Platforms the stock is getting a lot of ‘likes’—for now

Investors typically cheer company name changes but they’ll lose interest quick if Meta Platforms doesn’t meet earnings expectations.

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