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News Clips | November 29, 2022

These U. grad students found affordable housing in SLC. They’re about to lose it.

Some grad students and families must choose pricey new campus housing or even pricier places in town.

U of U disabled and neurodiverse students will connect at field day

Disabled and neurodiverse students are gearing up for an event of fun and games at the University of Utah Legacy Gym on Nov. 30 from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Native tribes of Utah are given their chance to offer historical perspectives on museum artifacts

Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU) Anthropologists are using a grant to insure a lifelong understanding of Native tribes and Indigenous culture, long after their generations have passed.

Natural History Museum of Utah publishes groundbreaking mushroom research

The Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU) has published the results of a first-of-its-kind study on porcini mushrooms, which indicate that these mushrooms evolve based on the local conditions in which they are found.

Utah’s RSV surge prompts worry of a ‘tripledemic’ this winter

COVID-19, respiratory syncytial virus and the flu are all spiking as Utahns huddle indoors during the cold winter months.

Having many sex partners has an adverse effect on the likelihood marriage—but only in the short term

Can your “number” harm your chances of tying the knot? New research indicates that having multiple sex partners negatively affects marriage rates.

Can This Man Stop Lying?

Christopher Massimine, whose compulsive lying derailed a promising career in theater, maintains that it’s a mental illness that has dogged him since childhood.

The law dividing the Colorado River turns 100 years old

People in the southwest who depend on the Colorado River are in crisis. There's not enough water to go around. One reason for that took place 100 years ago this month.

Cooling solar farms can make them more powerful - here is the proof

You heard that right, it's time to cool down the solar farms a bit.

“Profound Implications” – New Research Details the Microbial Origins of Type 1 Diabetes

A bacterial protein stimulates the reproduction of insulin-producing cells, pointing to a potential treatment.

A work-from-home culture takes root in California

COVID-19 has transformed California’s workplace culture in ways researchers say will reverberate well beyond 2022.

After a Stillbirth, an Autopsy Can Provide Answers. Too Few of Them Are Being Performed.

One in three stillbirths goes unexplained, leaving parents desperate for information. Many doctors don’t perform autopsies or tests that could offer insight, while some patients decide against them without fully understanding the potential benefits.

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