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News Clips | November 23-28, 2022

10 Utah holiday markets to shop at this Christmas season

These markets offer one-of-a-kind items, and keep shoppers’ money in the Utah economy.

Duplicated Gene Helps Bats Survive “Arms Race” With Viruses

Bats are known for staying healthy even while harboring viral infections. Now, research sheds light on how their unusual immune system evolved.

Where are Salt Lake City’s 10 priciest pieces of real estate?

The new airport lands in the top spot, followed by a range of University of Utah buildings and the state Capitol. Total market value: $4.8 billion.

Study finds Utah among states coping with property value escalation

With the Nov. 30 property tax deadline fast approaching, Utahns are justified in feeling the pinch of escalating home values.

Prosthetic leg can 'change gears' to make going up stairs easier

A robotic leg with a big toe and motors that can "change gear" like a bicycle can enable a wearer to walk up stairs and slopes.

Study suggests low but possible stroke risk for kids with COVID

Children who have been infected with COVID-19 have an increased risk of suffering a stroke, according to a new study published this week.

High school students prepare 1,000 meals for those spending Thanksgiving alone

Thanksgiving traditions come in many forms, and many of them involve food. One tradition in Salt Lake City feeds 1,000 people who can’t leave their homes while giving high school students real-world restaurant experience.

Pediatric doctor advises precautions as RSV and flu run rampant

Utahns are excited to get back to their Thanksgiving traditions after two years of restrictions under the coronavirus pandemic.

The Colorado River Compact turns 100 years old. Is it still working?

On a chilly fall day, Eric Kuhn walked along a gravel path above the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Adderall and amoxicillin shortages raise questions about transparency and accountability in Big Pharma

Consumers are at the mercy of drug companies when it comes to learning about what is causing the shortages, and how and when they might be resolved.

Utah colleges work to conserve water on campuses

University of Utah, Weber State and Salt Lake Community Colleges each have new programs in the works.

Social Gene and Anti-Social Antibiotic Uncovered in Animal Study May Aid Autism Research

The combined activities of an evolutionarily conserved enzyme and a regulatory protein control the expression of several genes that regulate the embryonic inception of sociability, claims an animal study published in the journal Science Advances on November 23, 2022.

Remote work might push Californians out of cities

Researchers who specialize in workforce issues said the findings mirror their own and are indicative of a cultural upheaval that will outlive the pandemic.

Advocates worry punitive employee agreements will deprive communities of mental health services

On the worst days, Brittney Olsen remembers crawling into a closet to meet her son after school to hold him in her lap while he cried.

It was the costliest S.L. County Council contest ever. One GOP council member hopes it’s a wake-up call to Republicans.

Democratic victor Suzanne Harrison far outraised and outspent Republican incumbent Richard Snelgrove. Could this be the start of a blue wave in the county?

Recent college campus violence incites concern, leaders encourage vigilance

The stabbings of four University of Idaho students, a shooting at University of Virginia, a suspected bomb threat at The University of Utah hospital and the most recent shooting at Axis Luxury Student Living in Orem have generated questions about the safety of college campuses.

One crop uses more than half of Utah’s water. Here’s why.

Hay and alfalfa feed beef and dairy production and support rural life, but together, they soak up two-thirds of Utah’s water.

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