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News Clips | November 19-22, 2022

Steve Robinson: With enrollment numbers, how you count is as important as what you count

Last month, the Utah System of Higher Education released fall semester enrollment numbers for each of the state’s eight public colleges and universities.

Childcare experts call for public investment to help solve Wasatch Back crisis

Representatives of the Early Childhood Alliance and PC Tots told the Park City Council that the Wasatch Back is a child care desert, and without an investment boost, the situation is only going to get worse.

Analysis shows ‘sizable’ gap in Salt Lake’s west side/east side voter turnout

Voters on Salt Lake City's west side turned out for the 2022 midterms at a much lower rate than their east-side counterparts.

Home ownership seems out of reach for young Utahns. Here are ideas to fix that.

From lowering utility expenses to boosting down payments, college students brainstormed ways to tackle housing affordability in the state.

'Women, life, freedom': Utah Iranians join protests around the world for the Iranian people

Close to 100 people, mostly Iranians living in Utah, gathered at Washington Square Park and marched through downtown on Saturday to protest the Iranian government and recent deaths in the country.

Utah sees increase in various sicknesses moving into flu season as temperatures drop

As the temperature continues to drop in Utah, residents have noticed a drastic increase in respiratory illnesses heading into flu season.

University of Utah dispels rumors of active shooter in residence hall

A "disruptive situation" overnight at a dorm building on the University of Utah campus somehow ignited false rumors that there was an active shooter in the area.

An Unlikely Hub for Big-Tech Challengers Emerges in Utah

University of Utah aims to be alternative to Chicago, Mason. School has been key player in cases against big tech companies.

Why is Utah gas more expensive than the rest of the country?

“No one likes high prices for their energy. Nobody does.” Thomas Holst is the Senior Energy Analyst at the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah.

You can still have an ‘oasis’ in the desert

Removing all high-water-use plants is not the panacea in times of rising temperatures and droughts across the southwest, according to a new study.

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