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News Clips | November 16, 2021

Part man, part machine―could cyborgs become our reality?

Nathan Copeland had always loved science fiction, but an accident in 2004 would eventually bring him about as close to science fiction as one can get.

Ballet alumni demand change in ‘authoritarian’ environment at University of Utah’s School of Dance

Former students describe incidents of body shaming, racist comments and intimidation.

Addressing climate change through art: Utah project featured at UN climate conference

Artivism for Earth, created at the University of Utah, helps people understand climate change by “also exploring the more emotional side of what we’re dealing with.”

Utah’s dramatic growth seen from the sky

In a decade, sleepy towns have transformed into sprawling cities. As farmers and cowboys leave and tech workers move in, here’s a look at the change from above.

How COVID-19 is affecting Utah’s children

Most children who become infected with COVID-19 only have a mild illness. But healthcare professionals said there’s still a risk for hospitalization and even death.

Bullying in Utah: What does it look like?

As a school-aged student, it’s an unwanted form of aggression and for parents, it can ultimately become a horrific nightmare.

Utah birth certificates withheld in exchange for personal information

The first minutes and hours after a baby is born can be some of the most important when it comes to bonding.

Utah sues over Biden vaccine mandate for health care workers

Utah joined 10 other states and sued over the Biden administration's vaccine mandate for health care workers in facilities that accept Medicare and Medicaid funding.

Market forces halved methane emissions from Uinta Basin oil and gas wells; but that's not the whole story

As important as emissions of the greenhouse gas methane are in the climate conversation, recently factoring prominently in the recent COP26 conference in Glasgow, researchers have painfully little long-term data on emissions from wells and other oil and gas infrastructure.

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