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News Clips | November 15-27, 2023

More gender-neutral bathrooms planned for University of Utah

The University of Utah is adding more gender-neutral bathrooms, and authorities said this change is happening in newer buildings and as part of building renovation projects on campus.

University of Utah sets the stage for 2024 presidential debate

The University of Utah announced Monday it will be the stage for one of next year’s presidential debates. The debate will be held at Kingsbury Hall on Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2024.

University of Utah takes top honors in BIG Idea Lunar Forge Challenge

Through Artemis, NASA plans to conduct long-duration human and robotic missions on the lunar surface in preparation for future crewed exploration of Mars.

Mysterious cosmic ray observed in Utah came from beyond our galaxy, scientists say

Space scientists seeking to understand the enigmatic origins of powerful cosmic rays have detected an extremely rare, ultra-high-energy particle that they believe traveled to Earth from beyond the Milky Way galaxy.

Jewish students at the U feel safer than peers in other states but are still worried

University of Utah junior Asher Ireland was near the student union laying tefillin—which he described as a “very Jewish act”—and praying.

State of Utah to fund medical cannabis research at Utah universities

A state initiative was announced Wednesday in partnership with The University of Utah Health and Utah State University. The partnership is called the Center for Medical Cannabis Research.

Trump-aligned group wants the state to close the University of Utah’s gender clinic

A conservative legal group is urging state leaders to close the University of Utah’s Gender Management & Support Clinic, the only public clinic in Utah that specializes in gender-affirming care for transgender adolescents.

University of Utah student nominated for CNN's 2023 Hero of the Year award

Osei Boateng, 28, grew up in Ghana, coming to America when he was 19 to attend Cornell University and now the University of Utah.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox launches $7M initiative to build bigger, better life sciences workforce

Current projections from the Utah Department of Workforce Services show life science occupations are expected to grow at a 33% rate during the next 10 years.

Another goopy, toxic season for Utah waters

When harmful algae blooms spread across lakes, rivers and reservoirs, they sometimes resemble spilled paint or gobs of mucus—even grass clippings.

Opinion: Aging should be top of mind for everyone—especially our policymakers

While there are many benefits that come with getting older, there are also challenges. I should know, having spent the past 20 years training and working in gerontology, or the study of aging.

Salt Lake City youth population hits new 100-year low

Despite a booming population, Salt Lake City’s youthful demographic is shrinking according to new research from the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah.

What did the state’s Oct. 1 headcount reveal about Utah public schools?

Enrollment fell 0.3% from a year ago and more people are exercising options aside from attending neighborhood schools such as charter schools.

What needs to happen for the Great Salt Lake to reach a sustainable elevation?

An emeritus professor and an environmental watchdog weigh in.

Utahns serve the community to celebrate Thanksgiving

From serving up meals to strapping on the sneakers for a good cause, Utahns woke up bright and early on Thanksgiving morning to show their gratitude for their communities.

Opinion: How will Utah handle a shrinking school-age population?

A state historically known for having lots of kids and large class sizes needs to shift its thinking as public school enrollment declines.

The University of Utah withdrew its sponsorship of a student group. The club took over a school office in protest.

Students in MECHA say they feel targeted for speaking out. But the school says they violated policy.

In Utah and elsewhere, silencing another based on religion or ethnicity is unacceptable, the editorial board writes

The recent decision by University of Utah officials to end their sponsorship of the student group called MECHA was reasonable and did not violate the First Amendment rights of that club or anyone else.

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