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News Clips | November 13-15, 2021

Parks and green spaces are vital for neighborhoods, so why aren’t there more?

Let me start with a pretty uncontroversial statement: Parks are awesome.

Stress. Anxiety. Procrastination. Self-doubt. Don’t fall into these traps in college

Having to pursue college during a pandemic has left 95% of college students with negative mental health symptoms, according to a survey from, impacting their academic performance and early career success.

Space pollution may soon give Earth its own rings. Has Utah team found a solution in magnets?

1,100 elephants’ worth of debris orbits earth, can the magic of magnets clean up the mess?

Florida ordered about 90,000 COVID-19 vaccines for kids. Utah ordered at least 109,000

Florida’s COVID-19 vaccine orders were less than other states, including states smaller than Florida.

Protestors gather in front of Intermountain Healthcare in opposition to vaccine mandates

Protestors gathered in front of the Intermountain Healthcare hospital in Murray this afternoon to show their opposition against vaccine mandates.

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