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News Clips | November 11, 2021

100-year-old Utah WWII vet inspires 3 generations of family to serve in military

As Utah prepared to honor its veterans this week, a 100-year-old veteran humbly recalled his time in World War II and Korea.

Utah experts weigh in as U.S. inflation soars to 30-year high

A U.S. Department of Labor report released Wednesday captured what consumers in Utah and across the country have known for some months now—prices on virtually everything have been on the rise.

Primary Children’s, U of U Health team up to open new fetal care center

During her 20-week ultrasound, doctors told Cali Budge they found some abnormalities in her unborn baby.

FEMA grants additional $8.4 million for Utah COVID-19 response

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is giving Utah an additional $8.4 million in public assistance funding for COVID-19 response.

Every adult in this state qualifies for the COVID-19 booster because spread is so high

The West is seeing a widespread coronavirus outbreak as COVID-19 booster shots remain available.

How does damaged DNA repair itself?

Scientists used computer modeling and a technique called X-ray crystallography to figure out how a protein called MutY repairs the most sensitive of the four DNA bases, called guanine, when rogue oxygen compounds from the environment attack it.

The Cold-Weather Running Gear You Need This Winter

Running in the cold, whether you consider it invigorating or torturous, takes guts—and preparation.

‘You need a whole team’: How a virtual mentoring program has helped bring care closer to rural patients

By the time Sanjeev Arora’s patient had trekked the 200 miles to his office to treat the illness destroying her liver, it was too late.

Elephant Skull Fossil Reveals How the Species Adapted to Thrive in African Grasslands

A remarkably well-preserved fossil elephant cranium from Kenya is helping scientists figure out how its species became the dominant elephant in eastern Africa.

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