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News Clips | May 27-31, 2022

West Valley students get a glimpse into their professional dreams

Long before 60 sixth grade students descended onto the University of Utah campus last Wednesday, Jennifer Bodell had an idea.

University of Utah discovery with soft sea corals could lead to cancer treatment

University of Utah Health researchers were able to duplicate a compound found in soft sea corals that is anticipated to be a natural chemical for treating cancer.

The coronavirus will likely evade Paxlovid eventually. What that will mean for the pandemic is unclearfff

When the patient came back 10 days later, coughing repeatedly and complaining of headache, Davey Smith feared the worst.

Utah nonprofit eyes winner of affordable housing competition for possible local multifamily project

A modular construction company based on the East Coast could help alleviate Utah’s housing crisis.

Why a greenhouse gas sounds like an oboe

You can’t hear the carbon dioxide that quietly collects in our atmosphere and heats up the earth, but if you could, it might, University of Utah assistant music professor Elisabeth Curbelo said, sound like an oboe.

Dashing through the snow(flakes)

Classifying snow photos to learn more about climate change.

Vacation and travel planning should include thinking about health, Utah doctors say

As summer is beginning, many Utahns are planning vacations. Doctors at the University of Utah travel clinic say such planning should include thinking about health.

Hate crimes against Utah LGBTQ nearly doubled last year, with a big jump during Pride Month

Officials and community members worry divisive politics could embolden future attacks.

U of U study shows an increase of anti-Asian hate tweets after the COVID pandemic

Anti-Asian tweets increased across the United States during the first year of the pandemic, according to a University of Utah study.

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