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News Clips | May 19-24, 2023

Chris Linder, University of Utah–A New Approach to Stopping Sexual Violence

Stopping sexual violence is imperative. Chris Linder, associate professor of higher education in the department of leadership and policy at the University of Utah, shares why the focus should shift from avoiding to preventing it.

Opinion: What creates jobs, puts food on the table and supports businesses? It’s research

The University of Utah wants to build Utah stronger and better to face the challenges of the future through research.

History-making UofU dental graduate shares racial struggles in treating patients

The first Black woman to graduate from the University of Utah’s dental school is sharing the racial struggles she faced in treating some patients.

‘A statewide task': Utah’s water future will require collaboration, House speaker says

House Speaker, Brad Wilson said, ‘I think we have learned that this is a statewide task, this is something that’s going to require everyone from every corner of the state’.

Smoky air wafts into Utah from Canadian wildfires

When the mountain peaks are not visible from the middle of the valley, there’s pollution in the air.

Enjoy some exercise, and contribute to a great cause

Enjoy some exercise, and contribute to a great cause at this year’s event. Reagan Erickson joined us on the show today to discuss the upcoming Huntsman SportsFest and how you can contribute.

Amid calls for revitalization of antimicrobial research, PASTEUR Act could help

Dr. Emily Spivak, medical director of antimicrobial stewardship at University of Utah Health, said antibiotic resistance is "directly correlated with how much and how frequently" antibiotics are used.

A Social Scientist Explains What It Means To Be A True LGBT Ally

A new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology takes a long overdue look at what it means to be and act like a true ally through the LGBT lens.

A Labor Economist Predicts Stability in the Fed Pay Trendline, But With a Big Caveat

“There is always a long lag between when higher inflation starts to eat into a fed paycheck and when that paycheck starts to respond to inflation,” one compensation expert says.

U of U Executive Education Program ranked 4th in nation

Executive Education Programs are short-term, non-degree courses offered for executives, leaders, and managers to help them expand their leadership skills and deepen their professional development, U of U reports.

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