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News Clips | May 18, 2023

Report: What Utah does very differently and better than the federal government

The debate surrounding federal debt policy has been long and often contentious, especially with recent federal discussions about raising the $31.4 trillion U.S. debt limit to avert an unprecedented national default.

Intermountain Health rethinks bottom surgeries for adult transgender patients

Amber Chevrier has known something wasn’t right with her body since puberty. She didn’t have the words though to describe how she felt until she met a transgender woman in her mid-20s while playing a game online.

Resiliency Center: Building a mental resilience

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The Resiliency Center at the University of Utah has been a real difference-maker in the Beehive State. What is the Resiliency Center? And how is it helping people in the state?

Dust-on-snow events threaten winter and spring snowpacks

When you think of spring skiing, what comes to mind? You might picture corn snow, zinc-covered noses and alpine starts. Sure, but what about dust?

Zero-Day Options Are Reordering the Way the Stock Market Behaves

Wall Street has accepted that derivatives trading will never be the same after the frenzy for fast-twitch stock options took hold.

Prescription Drug Shortages

Many Americans can’t get the medications they need.

These U.S. National Parks Are Hosting Free Stargazing Festivals This Summer

Here’s what you need to know about visiting the parks after dark.

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