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News Clips | May 12-13, 2022

What we're still learning about how trees grow

What will happen to the world's forests in a warming world? Will increased atmospheric carbon dioxide help trees grow? Or will extremes in temperature and precipitation hold growth back?

What can you do in Salt Lake County? Just about anything!

To help celebrate KSL NewsRadio’s 100th birthday, we are broadcasting live from several counties across Utah during the month of May. And we’re starting with the big one, Salt Lake County.

We talk to a Utah mom who knows first-hand how important it is to know the signs of stroke

One in five women has a stroke. In fact, each year, 55,000 more females than males have a stroke.

Scientists ‘reverse death’ in astonishing feat by bringing dead eyes back to life

Scientists have “reversed death” by bringing eyes back to life. Eyes taken from organ donors five hours after death responded to light, while electric activity only seen in the living was recorded.

Prevention is key for traumatic injuries among children

Trauma is the number one killer of children across the world.

Recursion takes the leap from drug discovery to a human clinical trial

It’s hard to fully appreciate the process required for drugs to make it through the pipeline to eventual delivery into our bodies.

Mindfulness therapy reduces opioid misuse in chronic pain patients

“Mindfulness is a mental training approach. It’s a practice of focusing attention in the present moment, to become aware of thoughts, emotions, body sensations, perceptions. And to experience that, without holding on to experience, but just watching it."

We’re Past COVID—For Productivity Go Outside and Breathe

I’m not an expert. But, it does appear like we’re approaching the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. What, between less severe variants and reduced mask mandates, it certainly feels like...

Study shows how Roe v Wade repeal could create ‘abortion care deserts’ in US

Losing Roe vs Wade would triple the average distance travelled to receive an abortion and disproportionally affect women of colour.

A Data Scientist Visualized Her Mother’s Cognitive Test Results—Here’s How It Helped the Family

Inevitably, dementia affects a person’s identity, and it can take time to come to terms with some of the changes along the way.

Utah COVID-19 metrics are increasing, state reports, as health officials urge pandemic isn’t over

Case counts grew by the thousands in the last week, as hospital visits and coronavirus levels founds in sewage also increased.

SLC’s push for more affordable housing runs into a wall of pushback

“I don’t feel this benefits anybody,” one resident complains, “except for real estate developers” as city strives to lower barriers to building more apartments, town homes, cottages and row houses.

Can COVID Cause Hair Loss? Here's What We Know

Can a COVID-19 infection cause hair loss? According to the American Academy of Dermatology, many people reported that their hair was falling out in large clumps months after recovering from the coronavirus.

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