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News Clips | May 11, 2022

Utah scientists revive cells in human donor eyes, transforming brain and vision research

A team of researchers at the University of Utah's John A. Moran Eye Center have succeeded in reviving neurons and communication in human donor eyes, which they said could transform brain and vision research.

Why Utah Democrats Decided to Back Evan McMullin Over One of Their Own

The crowd at Cottonwood High School in Murray, Utah, last month was tense. Amid raucous booing and grating insults, Democrats hotly debated who to nominate to challenge U.S. Senator Mike Lee, whose fealty to Donald Trump has alienated even some Republicans in his state.

How much would another Utah Olympics cost and who would pay for it?

Not the state’s taxpayers, Winter Games bidders say.

Revival of light signalling in the postmortem mouse and human retina

Making sure you have your medications in an emergency.

How This College Gave Emergency Aid to Dual Enrolled Students

Through a first-of-its-kind program, Compton College, a community college in California, worked to fill a basic needs support gap for its dual-enrolled students.

Nintendo's Doug Bowser on why life is like Donkey Kong

The Nintendo of America president delivered the commencement address at his alma mater, the University of Utah, on May 5.

Why menopause matters in the academic workplace

Employers in some countries are stepping up efforts to support staff through this life stage. Others need to follow suit.

Cough-specific quality of life may predict disease progression in ILD

Cough-specific quality of life was independently associated with respiratory hospitalization, mortality and lung transplantation among patients with interstitial lung disease, researchers reported in Chest.

Where is all the dust coming from?

Wind out of the southwest is carrying dust from Arizona and New Mexico all the way to Steamboat Springs.

Docs Check Mail for Ways to Return-and Ruin-Extra Opioids

Mail carriers could play a key role in reducing opioid misuse, according to researchers and regulators.

Internet Backs Mom Using Son's Savings To Fix Stepson's Car

Almost any parent can agree that raising teenagers can be stressful at times. After all, that's when regular tantrums and misunderstandings can be somewhat expected. But, occasionally, things can get escalated and cause arguments that are harder to manage.

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