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News Clips | March 8-9, 2022

Utah chemistry professor among women honored in new Smithsonian exhibit

A new exhibit on display at the Smithsonian is honoring over 100 women in STEM, including one Utah woman who is inspiring others as a chemistry professor at the University of Utah.

How good is the University of Utah’s ski team? Being an Olympian isn’t enough to make the cut

Only four of the seven current Utes who competed in Beijing will race this week at the NCAA Championships in Park City and Soldier Hollow.

Study in mice shows how genes from each parent may shape child behavior

How a child behaves and the decisions they make as they grow up may be influenced by a complex interaction between genes inherited from both parents, a study published Tuesday by Cell Reports found.

A big hospital complex is coming to West Valley City. See what it will have.

University of Utah Health planning a $400M facility that will bring valuable, lifesaving care to an underserved area.

White House Announces Nominee to Lead US Geological Survey

The White House today announced the intent to nominate David Applegate as Director of the U.S. Geological Survey.

‘Blindfolds, hoods and handcuffs’: How some teenagers come to Utah youth treatment programs

Only one state in the country—Oregon—puts limits on the secure transport industry.

To Test Cancer Drugs, These Scientists Grew ‘Avatars’ of Tumors

Growing organoids in dishes and xenografts in mice lets scientists recreate a living person’s tumor—and test dozens of drugs against them at the same time.

Univ. of Utah ‘Tetra Ski’ invention could become part of future Paralympic Games

The mountains after a good snowstorm are the kinds of days Dustin Godnick can’t wait for.

The hunt for the voice of Utah's arches

In the 1990 movie The Hunt For Red October, a stealth submarine is located by what a computer thinks are seismic sounds, but when sped up, they are clearly mechanical.

Great Salt Lake ‘healing’ needs Native American input, Shoshone leader says

Darren Parry believes Utah leaders are unwilling to talk about “the monster in the room”–climate change.

Addressing three myths that block new apartment construction

Though rental housing is in tremendous demand statewide, its share of new building permits issued is shrinking.

Not going with the flow: salmon ‘sue’ US city over harm to population

The lawsuit brought on behalf of the salmon says that river damming infringes on the fish’s ‘inherent right to exist.’

Florida’s State Senate Just Passed the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill passed the state legislature on Tuesday, March 8, and will now go straight to Governor Ron DeSantis’s desk.

Activate a Relationship-rich Culture with Three Simple Practices

If you haven’t yet read Peter Felten and Leo Lambert’s book, Relationship-Rich Education: How Human Connections Drive Success in College, by all means get your hands on a copy.

Does the Utah Legislature actually believe in local control?

Local control. It's a contentious issue practically every year during the Utah Legislature's 45-day general session, which this year concluded Friday at midnight.

Foul Odor? It Happens—Here Are 6 Reasons Why Your Belly Button Smells, According to Experts

It’s not exactly cute to talk about, but every so often we find ourselves thinking, Why does my belly button smell?

Gov. Cox shouldn't veto ban on transgender athletes, Utah Senate president says

Utah Senate President Stuart Adams, R-Layton, said Gov. Spencer Cox shouldn't veto the Utah Legislature's highly controversial bill banning transgender girls from competing in high school sports because he expects the ban to be overturned anyway.

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