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News Clips | March 4-8, 2023

To Save the Soul of a Mountain Town

In Aspen, Colorado, and other alpine communities, the future depends on making sure the weirdos and oddballs are still welcome.

What to know about the lawsuit Dominion filed against Fox News

Fox News is "looking at a gargantuan verdict or settlement and a huge reputational hit," expert says.

“A revision of history… is underway”

Nicolle Wallace discusses Tucker Carlson’s attempt to downplay the January 6th attack on the Capitol by releasing out-of-context surveillance footage and the pushback that choice is getting even from some Republican lawmakers, the fallout of Texas’s abortion ban as five women sue the state, and more.

1 in 4 parents hid their kids' COVID, study finds

Lots of parents say they misled others when their kids tested positive for COVID-19, according to a nationwide report coauthored by University of Utah researchers.

Opinion: The U is expanding cultural perspectives through partnership with historically Black colleges and universities

This partnership expands the resources of all universities and colleges involved and benefits the schools’ communities too.

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