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News Clips | March 4-7, 2022

The long, strange history of anti-vaccination movements

Here’s what the past can tell us about the future of the pandemic.

Pregnant people who contract COVID-19 are at a higher risk for death

A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that pregnant mothers infected by the virus are at greater risk of developing serious complications or even dying during pregnancy.

How Can the U.S. Preserve Its Medical Supply Chain?

Onshoring can't be the whole response, says report from NASEM.

What will Utah lawmakers spend your money on this year?

The Utah Legislature spent more than $25 million in taxpayer money this year on the state budget.

Susan R. Madsen: Graduate degrees can go a long way in advancing women

From its beginning, Utah has prioritized higher education for both men and women.

Use your knowledge to boost the profession

Research with a pragmatic bent can aid practitioners.

Early signs of dementia could be reversed by a good social life, study finds

Lead researcher Ming Wen, of University of Utah, US, said she was happily surprised by the findings.

Eight-week campaign to promote research and increase awareness about heart disease

It is campaign season for one doctor at University of Utah Health.

Here’s why Utah’s COVID-19 testing in schools went from national model to abandoned failure

Changes by Utah lawmakers and in how residents responded to the virus weakened Test to Stay before the powerful omicron variant hit.

A mother’s unrelenting crusade to help those trapped in the wilderness of the undiagnosed

Gina Szajnuk’s kids suffer from undiagnosed disease; so does she. She is determined to find answers, and help.

Happy as a … clam? UofU linguistics professor weighs in on the confusing world of words and phrases

Learning the words dog, cat, see spot run all seems so simple, but as language has evolved over time there are many unknowns to understanding their genesis.

A Call to Address Health Inequities Now, Before Next Pandemic

With new cases of COVID-19 continuing to fall, this could be the time to focus on making sure everyone has equal access to vaccines and other drugs before the next public health emergency.

Electronic health record alerts for physicians boost autism study enrollment

An algorithm that scans electronic health records and alerts doctors to a patient’s eligibility for SPARK, a large genetic study of autism, led to a fourfold increase in enrollment in the project, according to the lead investigator of a new study.

Oklahoma's tension with tribes attracts attention of western states

While Oklahoma remains in a power struggle with its 39 tribes on criminal jurisdiction and whether Native American reservations still exist, some Western states have been collaborating with their tribes for years.

2022 Paralympic Winter Games: Athletes, Stars to watch at the Beijing Winter Paralympics

The competition will feature approximately 564 athletes battling it out across a total of 78 medal events (39 for men, 35 for women, and 4 mixed events).

Most People Catch Omicron This Way Now

Omicron is unfortunately still very much with us.

Amazon employees have opportunity to advance their education at University of Utah

Hourly employees at Amazon will now have the option to attend the University of Utah for undergraduate education.

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