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News Clips | March 25, 2022

University of Utah Health nurses call for big pay raise, more help

University of Utah Health nurses are making a public push for a big pay raise, saying they need an infusion of money amid personal financial and job stress.

Utah universities and colleges raise tuition and fees, citing faculty and staff retention

The Utah Board of Higher Education voted Thursday to raise student costs at all eight public colleges and universities.

Community voices: Achieving real diversity in STEM requires the ability to transform institutions

Resilience is often invoked to address systemic marginalization (e.g. racism) in academia but inadvertently maintains harmful systems.

Multiple Utah communities crack top 10 in 2021 population growth, report finds

Utah's population isn't just growing by leaps and bounds percentage-wise, but new data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows Utah's counties are now starting to have the largest numeric growth in the nation.

Innovative AI technology aids personalized care for diabetes patients needing complex drug treatment

The new AI method analyzed electronic health record data across Utah and Indiana and learned generalizable treatment patterns of type 2 diabetes patients with similar characteristics.

Lily Collins Said Her Emily in Paris Heels Landed Her at the Podiatrist 'Every Week'

Navigating the centuries-old cobblestone streets of Paris in high heels left the actress in pain and needing “insoles made for every pair of shoes.”

Male birth control pills could see clinical trials by end of the year

Fortune Magazine reports that the first male birth control pill, could commence human testing before the end of the year.

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