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News Clips | March 17-21, 2022

UnDisciplined: fascinating scientific discoveries can be enjoyed by many thanks to this journalist

New scientific discoveries are the purview of researchers, but that vital information is important to everyone. How does science move from lab to your living room?

U. medical students meet their match

Fourth-year medical students and future doctors at the University of Utah waited with bated breath Friday to find out where they will go to complete residency as new doctors.

How a change in Utah water law will help Great Salt Lake

“At last.” Those were the two words Lynn de Freitas, executive director of FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake, led with when asked about a bill headed to the governor’s desk that would give natural lands, like the Great Salt Lake, access to water rights.

Steven Pinker, psychologist who sees humans making progress, will speak at University of Utah

The author and Harvard professor says the world needs more rationality and open-mindedness.

NCAA Tournament: Utah Utes women’s basketball overwhelms Arkansas in first round

The Utes, who are appearing in the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2011, draw the Texas-Fairfield winner on Sunday in Austin.

Big Names Booked To Speak At University Commencements

With the Covid-19 pandemic receding, colleges and universities are beginning to unveil their spring commencement plans, and this season promises to feature dozens of marquee speakers at spring graduation ceremonies across the country.

This AI can predict heart attacks a year in advance

In the United States, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a major health problem accounting for nearly 40 percent of all deaths each year, according to the US National Library of Medicine.

‘Cautiously optimistic’ about COVID-19, Intermountain Healthcare relaxes patient visitor policy

Intermountain Healthcare is relaxing some of the limitations on hospital and clinic visitors put in place for the COVID-19 pandemic as case counts continue to decline in Utah, but masks will still have to be worn in lobbies, hallways and other common areas.

Fast-Acting Injectable Insulin Designed with Properties of Cone Snail Venom

An international research team led by scientists at University of Utah Health, Stanford University, and University of Copenhagen has developed a new form of fast-acting injectable insulin based on venom from the marine snail, Conus kinoshitai.

How climbers help scientists vibe with Utah’s famous red rock formations

The work provides new insights on the geologic structures’ seismic stability.

As Utah’s fertility rate drops, is it time to talk about children as a ‘public good?’

The Beehive State’s total fertility rate has been falling faster than the nation’s since 2009. But is it about to stabilize?

Magna earthquake helps scientists understand Utah’s vulnerability

The earthquake centered near Magna on March 18, 2020, damaged buildings in nearby cities and caused some injuries, but no deaths.

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