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News Clips | March 16, 2022

Rising interest rates put homes out of reach for 2 of 3 Utah families

As interest rates are expected to begin rising this week, more and more Utah families are watching their dream of owning a home fade.

U.S. Senate passes bill to make daylight saving permanent

Ishaan Rajan, a student at the University of Utah says he is a fan of daylight-saving time and also enjoys the earlier sunrises made possible by switching back to standard time in the winter.

Biden administration outlines how it wants to help Utah families, roads and airports

In a phone call with Utahns, representatives from the President Joe Biden administration also discussed their Cancer Moonshot initiative, a goal to cut cancer cases in half.

Study examines the chemical GenX in water: Is it different than other PFAS?

Research generates knowledge on GenX chemicals, which the EPA recently deemed more toxic than the ‘forever chemicals’ they were developed to replace.

For millions of people with diabetes, insulin is essential medicine. But for some ocean-dwelling predators, insulin is a weapon.

For millions of people with diabetes, insulin is essential medicine. But for some ocean-dwelling predators, insulin is a weapon.

Letter: We need to talk about mental health and substance abuse on a factual scale

I am a health care professional and also a student at the University of Utah.

What does Salt Lake’s booming housing market mean for renters?

Having ranked number two in population growth from 2020 to 2021 (U.S Census Bureau), Utah’s boom is resulting in a housing shortage in Salt Lake County.

Climate change to make pollen season nastier

Climate change has already made allergy season longer and pollen counts higher, but you ain’t sneezed nothing yet.

Women’s March Madness

Two Utah women’s basketball teams are going dancing.

The private sector can help solve our doctor shortage

The pandemic has laid bare a crisis we’ve ignored for far too long—our chronic doctor shortage.

Summit County asked the public to give input on the Rail Trail master plan during an open house Monday night.

About 40 people dropped by the Basin Recreation building to share thoughts and learn about Summit County’s efforts to create a first-ever Rail Trail master plan.

First-Ever Study of LGBT+ Experiences in Physics Reveals Red Flags

Pioneering study finds women, trans people, most likely to experience harassment.

For Too Many Straight, Cisgender Parents, Queer Is Their Worst Fear

News feeds have recently been flooded with stories about homophobic initiatives being passed under the guise of parental rights.

What the Fed’s interest rate increase today means for you

Plus, wastewater sites show COVID levels rising but it's not yet time to worry, hospitals scramble for saline solution, and more.

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