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News Clips | March 11, 2022

HMHI announces a $5 million gift to support the new Mental Health Crisis Care Center

Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI) announced a generous $5 million gift from Kem and Carolyn Gardner to support the Mental Health Crisis Care Center.

Two years later, coronavirus evolution still surprises experts. Here’s why.

Scientists and physicians continue to be amazed by how quickly the virus evolves, what it does to the human body, and how it moves through species.

Pediatricians on Florida's recommendation against vaccinating children: "Don't listen to it"

"Parents should get advice from their pediatrician … not from politicians and their appointees," one doctor said.

US inflation rate impacts Utahns; 2022 rates hit 40-year high with no end in sight

Data collected before the economic fallout of Russia's invasion of Ukraine began rippling across the globe finds U.S. inflation shot up to 7.9% in February.

Mindfulness Intervention Cuts Opioid Misuse, Chronic Pain

A mindfulness intervention can lead to greater sustained improvements in opioid misuse and chronic pain symptoms than supportive group psychotherapy.

Oklahoma, tribes clash over jurisdiction after Supreme Court’s McGirt decision

Oklahoma is in a power struggle with its 39 tribes over criminal jurisdiction and whether Native American reservations in the state still exist, but legal experts say Arizona and other Western states settled most of those issues years ago.

Short-sellers are scarce and that’s some of the best news the stock market’s had lately

Solid reason to be bullish about U.S. stocks in the year ahead.

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