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News Clips | March 10, 2022

U of U finds linkage of mood and behavior to genetics

New research conducted by scientists at the University of Utah has found that the genes inherited from our parents have more influence on our moods and behaviors than we may realize.

University of Utah won't require masks after spring break

The University of Utah announced Wednesday that masks will no longer be required in indoor spaces on main campus once students and faculty return from spring break on March 14.

U of U finds saliva could prevent COVID-19 spread

When the coronavirus pandemic commenced in March 2020, it was nearly impossible to hunt down disinfectant wipes, as the entire world took to frantically wiping down every and all household surfaces.

Unaffordable Utah: Salt Lake County’s apartment market the tightest in history

Renters in Salt Lake County are facing increased rental rates and low vacancy even as the county experiences an unprecedented apartment boom, according to a new report from the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah.

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