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News Clips | March 1-8, 2024

A new law seeks to tame mineral extraction at the Great Salt Lake

The new limits may represent a shift in Utah’s cozy relationship with industry.

New Utah haircare brand asks girls ‘who they’re becoming,’ not ‘what they need to fix’

Sadie and Abby Bowler’s haircare products hit Target shelves last week—kind of.

College athletes in Utah will need school approval of any marketing partnerships—and alcohol and tobacco products are off-limits

College athletes in Utah who are looking to profit off their name, image and likeness will have to seek written approval from their schools for any business deal exceeding $600 under a bill that received final legislative approval on Friday.

Surprising connection between UFO sightings and the environment

Have you ever seen something strange in the sky? Millions have, reporting sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) for decades. But what if the truth behind these reports isn’t out there?

Here’s how Utah public schools could change after a whirlwind of new education bills

Lawmakers passed roughly 70 bills related to K-12 schools in the latest legislative session.

'All of Us' research project diversifies the storehouse of genetic knowledge

A big federal research project aimed at reducing racial disparities in genetic research has unveiled the program's first major trove of results.

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