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News Clips | June 3, 2022

Salt Lake’s Avenues neighborhood is split on UTA’s revised bus routes

As part of its annual August service changes, the Utah Transit Authority will adjust and expand bus routes in and around the Avenues neighborhood on the east side of Salt Lake City.

University of Utah Asia Campus offers lectures to Korean high school students

Hundreds of students from local middle and high schools and universities in the country gathered in Incheon's Songdo on May 28 to experience what it's like to attend a university lecture led by an American university.

Rogue Space Systems and University of Utah Win Space Force Funding

Rogue Space Systems has partnered with the University of Utah’s Robotics Center to apply the research of Professors Jake Abbott and Tucker Hermans on manipulation of non-ferrous objects using magnetic eddy currents.

Can Exercise Boost My Gut Health?

Science suggests people who are more physically active tend to have healthier guts, which supports good immune health, digestion, and even mood.

The new tip culture: How to handle growing gratuity

In the past few years, some Utahns may have noticed a change: cash tip jars replaced by tablets at fast-casual eateries. The options aren’t just a dollar or two, but buttons ranging from 15% to 35% on top of your bill.

To retain and inspire LGBT+ physicists, welcome them

Being out about queer identity correlates with enhanced work productivity.

How To Deal With Difficult Customers

Have you noticed people around you seem a little easier to anger lately? The past two years of global pandemic also saw outbreaks of war, political polarization, and economic recession.

Woman Is First To Get 3D Printed Ear Made of Human Cells

Groundbreaking procedure will change the future of tissue engineering.

Physician accuses 5 US medical schools of discrimination based on Ibram X. Kendi's tenets, files complaints

Do No Harm's board chair Dr. Stanley Goldfarb said medical schools are following the tenets of Ibram X. Kendi.

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