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News Clips | June 29-July 5, 2022

Feathers May Have Helped Dinosaurs Survive Their First Apocalypse

Geologic evidence for a freezing arctic suggests dinosaurs could have weathered an epoch-ending volcanic winter

Female lineages anchored Pacific islands for 2000 years

Biggest genomics study of the Pacific reveals many migrations populated Micronesia.

How to retain women and LGBT+ scientists in physics

New research shows LGBT+ physicists often face hostile work environments that result in many of them leaving the field.

Scientists Predict “Brain Drain” From States That Ban Abortion

Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, numerous researchers have announced plans to either vacate or decline career opportunities in states where abortion is or will soon be illegal.

Sea Corals Found To Be a Source of an Elusive “Anti-Cancer” Compound

The ocean floor is riddled with mysteries, but scientists have just discovered one of its best-kept secrets.

Top 8 Destinations In The United States For Dinosaur Fans

The prehistoric world awed many travelers long before Jurassic Park hit theaters.

Fast, Cheap Method for Measuring SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibodies Developed

The experts agree—the pandemic is not over. Infections are ticking up again, fueled by the new variants our immune systems are ill prepared for.

Being mindful can improve your interactions with co-workers, new study finds

Mindful interactions and relationships can bring about a more harmonious and healthy workplace.

The strangest tech to come out of Utah: July edition

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Here be dragons,” and let me break it to you: It didn’t come from a George R.R. Martin book.

A conversation with energy leaders in Utah

This month, Utah Business partnered with Holland & Hart to host a roundtable event featuring Utah’s energy leaders.

Where Airbnbs, VRBOs are having an outsized impact on Utah’s housing market

As short-term rental sites like Airbnb and VRBO have exploded in popularity, so have short-term rental properties themselves, especially in vacation destination areas.

The TribUte newsletter: What is best for Utah amidst Pac-12, realignment chaos?

UCLA and USC announced their move from the Pac-12 to the Big Ten, kicking off a new round of college sports realignment.

Salt Lake City doctors see increased interest in vasectomies after Roe reversal

The procedure is a ‘very easy form of male contraception,’ one doctor said.

Supreme Court widens state power over tribes. What does it mean for Utah?

In a 5-t0-4 decision Wednesday, the US Supreme Court ruled that states can prosecute non-tribal suspects who commit crimes in Indian country against Native Americans.

Brain health: When memory issues should become cause for concern

For Steve Jeffs, each day feels a lot like the day before–and the one before that. His wife Joy, his partner of 57 years, has severe dementia.

Utah consumer sentiment falls in June; national survey falls to lowest level in 70 years

Frustrations over inflation sent consumer confidence in Utah and across the nation to new lows in June, according to surveys from the University of Utah and the University of Michigan.

'From pronouns to parades': Experts discuss mental health, support for LGBTQ community

While symbols and celebrations embracing the LGBTQ community are widespread during Pride Month, mental health experts say continued support and resources for the community are vital as higher mental health concerns persist year-round.

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